Am buying a used set of shindo sinhonia amps? Any thoughts regarding the appropriate shindo preamp? Any thoughts on the sinhonia in general? I will be pairing them with a pair of Devore silverbacks. I currently have mcintosh gear (mc252 and c2300). How do you think they'll compare? Let me know.
I've been very happy pairing my Sinhonias with the Giscours preamp. I'm also driving a pair of Devore Silverbacks. That said, a number of people have commented on how great the Vosne-Romanee sounds.

If you have the opportunity, I would recommend listening to both models before making a decision. Matt Rotunda at Pitch Perfect Audio has been my Shindo "guru" for 6+ years now and can really speak to the nuances between the Giscour and the Vosne-Romanee.

FYI, my signal chain (Giscours/Sinhonia/Silverback) has been unchanged for over four years. I'm definitely off the upgrade merry-go-round with respect to these components in my system!
Depends what you want to spend. Ken Shindo says that he does not consider any of is pre's better than another. Just different flavors. You have to find the one that will give you the tonal qualities that you prefer. I agree with the advice to call Matt Rotunda. He has heard them all
I agree with the guys, you really need the help of an expert on the this case with shindo products.

I pair my Sinhonias with a Monbrison (I too am driving a pair of Devore Silverbacks). Knock out combination for jazz.

I'm a huge fan of Shindo F2a amps (I fell in love with the Cortese years ago) and prefer them over the others I've heard (Haut Brion, Montrachet, even the GM70). They offer an enormous amount of texture, detail, are wonderfully musical. The Sinhonias additional umph is a bit better match for the S'backs and seems to still have all that SET magic found in the Cortese. You'll be impressed.
The Sinhonias are excellent with the Silverbacks - as these owners of that combo attest.
Shindo is more immersive and involving than Mcintosh
Ken Shindo himself is using Petrus or old Giscours with WE349A tubes.