Whats under your Shindo?

I just got a Shindo Masseto which I am very impressed with. I have heard that Shindo gear sounds best on natural wooden surfaces on its feet without cones etc. I orginally placed on my SRA base and the sound seemed very thin in the mid range. I then put on a Mapleshade 4" block with Isoblocks and now the tone sounds very good but at the sacrifice of some clarity. I then put some brass micropoint heavyfeet under the Shindo which improved the clarity and impact which sounds great on some music but on things like violin etc seems to go over the top with treble changing the great tone of the Shindo. I am curious to know what other Shindo owners feel works best under their preamps.
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I have and recommend the guizu racks. Hard to find as the are not packaged well and have problems with shipping damage. Ps... i finally got a mac mini and itouch so i will be ready to host an upcoming meeting soon!
My Ankledo
I've also heard that Ken Shindo voices his gear on natural solid wood and that's what sounds best. I previously tried some herbie isolation cups but it made it sound thin. I've now got some birch chopping blocks under mine.