ShengYa CD-10

I picked up one of these just recently. This player has two sets of switchable analog outputs. One for usings its tube circuit and a second for by-passing the tube circuit and using its SS output.

The tube section uses two Electro-Harmonix 6922 tubes. The transport and Dacs are comprised of a Philips VAM1202/CD7-II digital driver, Burr-Brown PCM1732,24Bit/96KHz HDCD decorder and DA chips and Solen MKP capacitors.

Comparing the two outputs thus far the SS output sounds much better to my ear than the tube does. The SS is very open and detailed with a good wide soundstage. The tube output by comparison is warmer, less detailed, narrower and just not as articulate (perhaps somewhat smeared?) in its presentation of the music.

So my question is would replacing the Electro-Harmonix tubes with something different yield better results. Meaning while keeping the warm richness of the tubes but providing a wider soundstage and more capable articulation.

Any recommendations tube wise or if you have actual experience with this player or a Vincent counterpart (apparently the same company makes both) I would be grateful for your replies!
Interesting. Though this is only related in part. I recently tested out a EE Minimax and we felt it sounded best without the tube setting. Last week my friend got the new EE Minimax Plus. Though it is still breaking in he's already reporting that he prefers it with tube switched out. By the end of the week we'll give it a real audition, but I wonder what the story is. Do you also have a tube amp? I have found some synergy issues with tube gear.

I had that same player. The best tubes I found were 70s era Amperex 6DJ8s with the dimple getter. They gave me exactly what you describe you're looking for.
When it comes to tubes, check out Brent Jessee's site (just google his name).
With each type of tube he gives a good history of it along with the various makes rated. Having said that, one time I needed a good 6922 and with my budget in mind, he recommended a '70s Mazda RTC (?-its been awhile) which made a huge improvement, across the board. There was nothing dull about it and it really opened things up: best $100 improvement for what I needed.
Definitely try some better tubes before making a final judgement. Anything from the Amperex family should be better than the EHs. I prefer early 1960s 7308s, but the 6922s, and even 6DJ8s should be fine.

Disclaimer: I buy and sell tubes.
The amp which I am using for this set up is an Arcam A65 so there are no other tube elements other than the CD player itself.

Thanks for the other suggestions I will definitely check out Jessee's site and start looking for some alternate tubes.
Quick update. I was able to score a couple Amperex globe EC88 tubes and holy smokes what magic! I kept shaking my head thinking this cannot be the same player. Huge soundstage, nimble, articulate, tight accurate bass. Strings sing and brass shimmers.

Thanks to all for helping make this happen!