Shengya A-206GS or Shengya A-221 amplifier 250wpc.


I need some help, I have a set of Polk Audio Lsim 705 which are 250wpc. Now, Due to a budget, I have narrowed it down to two amps that I am looking at...Shengya A-206GS Integrated amplifier 250wpc and a Shengya A-221 Integrated Tube Amplifier 250wpc, voltage amplification 12AX7 tube input stage, the second stage driver amplifier using 12AU7 tubes. Power amplifier uses 16 Toshiba power transistors, 250W power output stage, 20W Class A, 500w high power toroidal transformer, 80,000 microfarads sound special filter capacitor. I know the A-206GS sounds really nice and is more energy efficient, But know nothing about the A-221. Has anyone heard the A-221, Can you roll the tubes in it. Would I be better off with the A-206GS then adding a tub preamplifier down the road for that warm sound. I do have a Pioneer SM500 tube amp & tuner, but it's not powerfull enough to fully drive my speakers.

I'm new to the high end field of audio, So any help/suggestions would be appreciated....Thanks!
"I'm new to the high end field of audio, So any help/suggestions would be appreciated....Thanks!"

Don't buy anything without listening to it first, especially if it gets positive reviews.

Specs, like the ones you list above, should be used to aid in the selection process. They can't replace listening experience.

2 components may look the same on paper but can sound very different in the real world.

If you're confused or unsure about something, don't spend money until you resolve the issue.

Its not enough to buy a good component by itself. All the components in the system need to work together.

If you're at a point where you feel the need to fix a problem in your system with things like tubes, cables, tweaks, etc...., you messed up. There's 2 ways you can fix this. The first way is to take the time to work with your system until you figure out what the problem is. The second way is to buy a bunch of tubes and cables first, and then work with your system to figure out what the problem is.

Did you eventually get the shengya product ? I am in the same predicament as you were, and am curious about the A221.