Shelter 90X owners, had a chance to audition 9000?

Interested in hearing from anyone familiar with 90X who has heard the new 9000.
One of my friends who owned nearly all Shelter Systems told me, there is no reason to go from a 90x to the 9000.
In the context of other products in that price range from Zyx, Transfiguration, Dynavector, vdH, the Shelters are overrated and over priced.
Dear John: I don't hear yet the 9000 but the 90X is a great performer and for its " low price " a better choice that other high price/poorer performer cartridges.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Thanks for the replies. My 90X is experiencing some problems and in need of a replacement. I could buy another from the needle doctor for the close-out price; but, I have "connections" and can buy the new model at dealer cost. So, was wondering if there was a difference.
Dear John: Like I told you I don't hear yet the 9000 but my experience/intuition tell me ( obviously I can't be wrong ) that at least the 9000 has to be at the same 90X quality level and probably a little better on some areas: the 9000 is now the top of the line in the Shelter line, at least is it what they say.

You have the best price for the 9000, IMHO you must go for it.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Mr. Tracy I've had a 90X for about 1 yr with no problems. Exactly what problems are you experiencing?

I purchased 9000 but did not heard 90x. My previous cartridge was 901.
9000 is better than 901 - it was obvious for me immedietely after mounting.