SF Extremas and Bat vk50se

thinking of upgrading my pre to vk51se. anyone heard the extremas with the bat vk51se. do you think its worth the $1750.00 upgrade. using plinius sa250mklV amp and mephisto llx cdp. also does anyone know if there are either upgraded or replacement binding posts for the extrema speakers? thanks gary
I have the Extremas paired with a Supratek Cortese pre-amp (www.supratek.biz) and an old Mark Levinson 23.5 Amp. It is a heavenly match up and I am quite delighted with the results.
The 50se to 51se is a monster upgrade. The 51SE is in a different league. Much much better bass and treble extension, definition and detail. Queiter, better depth width, decay and wieght on all the notes.

Your nuts not to do this upgrade. Search, several other posts here on this. Absolute sound has a review also which compares the two.