Amplifier match for Sonus Faber Extremas

Does anyone know if the Jeff Rowland Model 12 is a good match for the current hungry Extremas? Please advise.
Hmm what about Spectral DMA-180 S2 or Jeff Rowland model 8 TI/HC they will give you best sound from Extremas. Tommy
Try the Plinius SA250-mkIV, this Amp has great synergy with Sonus Faber speakers and all the power you will ever need
Newintown_75287, I heard the Extremas at the Stereophile show in 1996 on Meridian 557 Amps bridged and the Meridian 502 Preamp. This system sounded unbelievable. It sounded so sweet and articulate. The bass was fast and tight. That 7 inch Skanning midbase on the Extremas, is the best midbase ever built. The esotar tweeter is also great. The Audio Research D400 solid state Amp, would be a good match to with the Extremas.