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Sonus Faber vs B&W
Yo,Yo Tbonphile Sonus gives you more bang for a buck ...you must be jokeing they are most overpriced speakers in USA, All Sonus Faber cost 40~50% less in Europe and B&W has same prices Europe versa USA, sure there is Paolo but his price are fu... 
Power Cords for Spectral equipment
MIT Z Cord II and a nice MIT Stabilizer MKII for amp......been Spectral user and I still think that MIT is the way to go. :D 
Power for Audio Physics Virgo speakers
Try Goldmund (solid state) or ARC VT-100 MKII...I think they are the best match. Good luck 
Best ss Line Level Preamp under $10K ??
I'd recommend Ayre K-1X this is it ...the best soild state pre,certainly better than the ones mentioned in an original tread 
Kharma Ceramique CE-1.0
ARC VT-100MKII or Cary 805c works superb with them also Siltech cable is a wonderfull match.Tommy 
Amplifier match for Sonus Faber Extremas
Hmm what about Spectral DMA-180 S2 or Jeff Rowland model 8 TI/HC they will give you best sound from Extremas. Tommy 
Amplifier for Sonus Faber Electa Amator
I always wonder about guys/gals when they use SF speakers with Tubes.....What the hell is wrong guys Sonus Faber has been designed with solid state amp and they like/prefer fastest ss amps....not Krell or Levinson for that matter, but Spectral and... 
Audio Physic Virgo Solid State Amps ?
I did have Virgo and they were superb with ARC VT-100MKII, I think that all AP speakers do benefit from tube amp. However at the end I did switch to Goldmund mimesis 28 and this took them to the new level. ciao 
Help ! Levinson No333 or No.33H
I did have them both and I did up grade to......guess what???? If you have any questions e-mail... Tommy ;-) 
Rowland 8ti or Krell FPB600c
Well ,certainly If you have Rowland 8Ti the Krell won't be an upgrade.If you have Rowland , I'd try Spectral and then I would go straight into Goldmund say Mimesis 28 Evolution or a big one Mimesis 29. You can e-mail me with any questions :-) 
Rowland 8 or 9 vs. model 10 or 12
Well if you gonna drive Extremas with Rowland take model 8 Ti perfect for this application.....model 12 is supposedly better than model 8 Ti but Extremas are not easy to drive and they like power. Good luck ;-) 
Best SS amp to drive Sonus Faber Extrema
I have used to own them and they were good with Jeff Rowland very good with Spectral and the best with Goldmund amp.....:-) 
Classe Omega vs. Krell FPB600
Heard them both on Avalon Opus and in my opinion Classe was more sweet,musical and richer sounding than Krell ...( I prefered Classe) you may like diffrently Good luck 
Best beer made...anywere?
Yo , Eldragon you can buy Affligem Triple and Chimey in NYC at fine beverage stores $ 10-15 per bottle. They look like bottles from champagne.Cold Affligem Triple and a cigar by Davidoff .....Life doesn't get any better than that ;-) Tommy 
Best beer made...anywere?
Hmmm finest beer in the world is Affligem Triple and for dark go for Chimey Grand Reserva both made by monks in Belgium that's where best chocolate and beer comes from......enjoy it :-) Tommy