ML 20.5 a good match for Sonus Faber Extremas?

is 100W class A from the Mark Levinson 20.5 amplifier sufficient to drive the Extremas? If not, what would you recommend?

I am interested in your opinion.

I have owned my Extrema now for almost one year and ultra high current amps are the only amps to truly make them sing...i have owned Classe 301, which did a good job, but something was missing....i have used my CAT JL1 monoblocks for a few weeks and the sound quality of these high current tube amps are just incredible....delicate yet with great bass(better bass than with solid state)!
Hi NewInTown,

Yes, the 20.5 will do very well. We have used the 20.6 (the upgraded version of the 20.5) for many years on our Extremas (has it been 6 already? *sheesh*). You won't have the finesse of a very high-end solidstate amp or the lush musicality of a very high-end tube amp (the Extremas will will love the best amplification you can afford to give them) - but the 20.5 have all the current you would ever want (more so than the Classe, as many others have tried Classe, like brunogolf above, even going so far as to try bi-amping, and were often not happy campers over the long term).