Selling vintage components

I plan on listing my McIntosh MA-230 amp for sale in the near future. I have a concern and would love to hear a few opinions on this. The amp was originally released from 1963 - 1966. I purchased the amp several years ago and Terry DeWick worked his magic on it. It's working fine, my issue is selling a 50-year-old amp only to have it die in the hands of a new owner. My gut would say refund the money to the buyer, so I would be out the selling price. I suppose anyone who purchases vintage electronics does so understanding the risks. Your thoughts would be much appreciated. 
People sell vintage gear here all the time, you have nothing to worry about. And your concerns about the amp "dying" are really I think overstated. The fact that it's had a recent refresh means it has a long life ahead of it. Also anyone buying an amp of this vintage should understand what they are buying and any inherent "risks". There is a large community of McIntosh enthusiasts out there and tons of accumulated knowledge. Go ahead and sell your amp with a clear conscience..
This place buys used McIntosh. Give them a call!
Sell to an individual - you get more and he pays less

Just describe it in detail, including the service history

I have read enough ads fot vintage equipment to list the following statements sellers use.

You can always rely on the phrase sold "as is , as pictured" with no warranty expressed etc. with no returns accepted . It is a vintage piece, as such, there may be issues which are not readily obvious. Then say something like- that it may not perform well in your system, which may  damage the amp/  Etc. 

Then tell the buyer as is happens to performing well and intended. Also tell of the recent overhaul anywhere you want to.

I appreciate the responses. I'll take all suggestions into account. The unit may be listed sooner rather than later.