seeking 55 inch LED TV matte Screen, 2011 model

Looking to purchase a 2011 55 inch LED, 3D compatible HDTV with a matte screen. Samsung and Panasonic only offer glossy screens which relect much glare. Only Vizio and LG offer 2011 models with a matte screen. I know a glossy screen is more vibrant, but it also gives me eye strain due to the glare it produces. In short, when the TV is off I do not want to be able to use the screen as a mirror. Any specific model recommendation would be helpful. My budget is $2500.00.
sharp aquos 835 series
Always wondered about questions re: video on Audiogon. There used to be a link at the bottom of the page but regardless, you do know there's a Videogon (Audiogons' little sister!;)
Docdan50 is incorrect, the sharp aquos does not have a 55" and is glossy.

Sony EX720 fits your criteria
Good luck getting any help on Videogon. I've yet to ever sell a single thing on there. (not much traffic) I just jumped over there for the heck of it, and if they even have a forum, I didn't see it. I would say of the two, this is the better place to ask for advice.
The LG 55LW6500 is quite a good looking set that has a matte screen. I am curious to see the new full array "Nano" LED that they are coming out with but it will have a piece of glass over the screen I believe so that option is out.

The PLEX media server software that LG uses for file sharing is quite neat as well--if you have a media library that you want to network it is really quite slick in terms of how it skins your downloads and it has a ton of plugins that you can take advantage of as well. is where the serious videophiles get their info. This is as good as it gets for audio but one look around avs will show you what I mean.
Unlike chadnliz I haven't found avsforums to be particularly helpful, there is just a ton of garbage to sift through. Personally I came away from every owner's thread thinking that particular model was a POS, which is often times not the case.
Sony has it - I had the same concern about glossy last year and specifically chose the Sony because of the matte screen (though a glossy was available also.) I bought the 52" but a 55 and 60 is available this year. Couldn't be happier with the Sony matte screen.
I would look at the Sharp TV's my self maybe the 632 model I know it only comes in a 60" size but I have never herd some one say "I wish I got a small TV". The Sharp has a matte finish on the screen built in WiFi with web apps. Good looking TV especially with the price point of 1500 to 1700
IMO if your getting that much glare on a screen and you're trying to do serious viewing you need to invest in some window coverings ect such as black out shades. A great TV in bright lighting never really looks correct and if your doing 3D the brightness will also have to increase as well as the glasses have a dimming effect.

Personally I still say a Plasma that is properly calibrated is a very nice set (that being a GOOD Plasma not a piece of junk). LED is also nice but once again I have to have a set that is calibrated as the setting out of the box are far too bright and hurt the eyes more due to their brightness over the glare in a properly light room.

I also agree that the AVS forums does make one think everything is terrible. Read with a grain of salt. Most over there do know and test the products beyond what any normal viewer will do.

I personally Own a VT25 and love the set and would never go back to a LCD or LED set after getting it and having it set up correctly. Plenty bright in my bedroom and offers a fantastic PQ.
I've been to a video specialty store that carries 2D, 3D, LCD and plasma. While arguments can be made for LCD or plasma in 2D, if you're going for 3D, the plasma beats LCD categorically, hands down. I think it has something to do with plasma's much higher refresh rate. A fast LCD TV has a 240 Hz refresh rate. Plasmas are typically 600 or 660 Hz. Panasonic's top-of-the-line 55" 3D plasma is $2500 tops, and is pretty amazing.
The LG models are superb. The LW5600 has everything including 3D in a 120hz model and the LW6500 adds the 240hz processing. The best feature on these is the localized dimming from the back lit LED panels (opposed to edge lit panels). All plasmas have glare from their glass screens and have never lasted as long as the LCDs I have sold over the years. (average 4 to 7 years) The Sharps go from 52" to 60" screens and are also very nice. The discontinued Sharp 835 series has glare but the 830 series does not. Costco recently had the 833 series Sharp 60" LED with 240hz for $1350. That series does not utilize Sharp's quad pixel technology but rather Red, Green, Blue only.
If you go with the LG, be certain to obtain an extended warranty. We have installed several dozen LGs (of all types) in an academic setting, and the reliability has been mediocre at best. To my eyes, the Aquos is the way to go.