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Best amp for Wilson sasha DAW
The size of your room matters as well. I run my sasha DAWS with ARC ref6 and ref160s. I have a small room and the amp is plenty powerful for my need for volume.  
McIntosh C2300 noise
My c2300 was making a motor boat noise through the phono section that I tracked it down to an apple tv being too close to the preamp. Moved it away and noise gone.  
I am in Dallas and would enjoy getting [email protected] 
AVM 50
Have you switched the dish network box to stereo output? 
Shrinking my system
check out devore speakers. Made in Brooklyn. Some are designed with small living spaces in mind. 
Anthem mrx 310
go to setup menu for the input you are using and make sure arc is chosen for the output 
small red lights flash on my Nakamichi PA-7
These lights indicate clipping 
How long does it take you to install a cartridge?
I t can take me several hours, especially to get the azimuth dialed in. 
how do i get my mac minito recognize my usb-spdif
Open audio midi control panel under utilities and see if it is recognized there. Is the dac recognized? 
Tube Amp Repair
I have used Frank Mufich Audio in McKinney Texas to repair an audio research vt 100 mkIII and a threshold s150. He did well on both. 
I have a Mac C32 preamp and MC2300 amp
I would connect the main output to the input of your amp. The mac gives a plethora of options and you could have a very complex system if you wanted but for connection to amp and then speakers that should do it. 
I was kidnapped by apes - DeVore Gibbon88s
I added the rel and voiced it myself. Wasnt hard to do. 
I was kidnapped by apes - DeVore Gibbon88s
I bought a pair after auditioning them at the Dallas dealer. In my room at home they sound best with a subwoofer. 
Best DFW Audio Dealers
I like Audio Concepts. They are located in preston forest shopping center. In business for many years. Lots of 2 channel audio. 
How to transfer "pure music" from Imac to Mac mini
Couldn't you just use the same serial number after downloading the software to the mini?