Secondary Speaker

it is so hard to find the perfect loudspeaker for ones needs. I need everybody’s help in finding something suitable for my second house. I spend about 1/3 of my time there and I listen to a lot of music. So here is my criteria…

Almost full range: 28-20K with really good bass – enough to loud a 20x30 room
Efficient: preferably 90db or up
Loud: must have the dynamic capability to play loud enough to fill my room
Nice looking: stupid I know, but no way around it
Versatile: It must play Rock, Electronic, New age, Classical, and Pop all really well
Price: Under $2000

I was thinking about the B&W B&W DM603 S3 which just received stereophiles budget product of the year.

Anybody have any suggestions?
I'd go for something used. If you can find a pair of the original Silverline Sonata's, they would meet all of your criteria. Full range, very efficient, dynamic, performs well with all music types and very appealing looks. Probably can be had for $1800 - $2200.
What is the rest of your system,synergy plays such a big role.
Nothing yet...

I REALLY don't want to be bother with a sub - I mean REALLY - but it seems like a lot of speakers out there don't satisfy me with there bass.

However, I am considering VS VR4 JR's, 90db Sens., Bass down to 23hz, and from what i have read they are extremely fexible with placement and types of music.

I wish I could listen to a pair
Paradigms are big enough but are not the last word in speakers. But in a space that large with bass to spare you might want to consider them.
Mechans brings up a good point. The Studio 100 V.3 might be what you are looking for. 2300 new, should be able to talk the dealer down to under 2000 if you are buying new.
The speakers that will work for you will have a lot to do with your front end.I have Paradigm Studio 100sV2,they sound pretty good if you have powerfull quality front end,esp. with the size of your room, and how loud you like to listen.As Mechans said ,they are not the last word in speakers.You can probably do better on the used market for the same price.Any speaker you get will have to have the right front end to sound good!!!
If you are talking the used market, a very good value is the Revel F30. An incredible speaker if space permits. I'd take it over the paradigms anyday, if you don't mind buying used.