Schiit Audio

I am interested in purchasing the Loki Max, and I sent out some feelers asking a few questions to the email address they have on the website. No response for a few days. So I come here and I see very mixed opinions on them. Are they a decent company to deal with? Anyone has had any extreme negative experience dealing with them or with one of their products? The Loki Max checks all the right features.. 


 @zlone have you had any reliability issues with the components that you own? My biggest concern is the Loki Max sending any spurious damaging signal downstream into any of the components.. 

I have an original Gungnir that I also shipped back to upgrade to a Gumby. That has worked flawlessly. My first Freya + had problems in one channel when I received it and it had to be returned. But first they walked me through some tests to ensure it was not just a tube problem. My second Freya + arrived and it had a loose part inside and they agreed to let me open it up and resolve the problem. It was a simple fix to restore a clip on heat sink. You could call these quality concerns, I say Schiit happens. All correspondence was timely, and in the latter case occurred as they were evacuating their buildings during the fires a few years back. I see a company that works hard to deliver a high value U.S. made product, and backs it up. My only advice if you ever need service, have some patience, and never be a jerk, you might find yourself at the end of the line.

As for your specific concerns regarding spurious signals, unless there is a basis for this concern I would not worry too much. Reviews I have read on the Loki Max have been pretty favorable. That said, everything affects the sound, and looking at your system online, it does not seem inline with the level of gear you are running.



No problems with Schiit Bifrost, then Uber upgrade and last year another Bifrost 2 and Schiit Freya +. I think they are high volume because they make affordable HI FI gear. I have been very happy with Schiit Audio components.

I purchases a used EITR and had a question and they answered me and were very helpful

My only issue is electrical component failure a few months over warranty. They only offered to sell me another one.

Their warrantees are long enough to protect them, customers are on their own 

I’m out.