Saw Heart last night

and Ann Wilson still has unbelievable pipes!!!! Band was tight but loud...
My wife & I saw them last year at Universal in Hollywod. The bad jammed and jammed good. Ann Wilsons' voice will send chills down your spine.
BUT, the loudness level was so bad I couldn't stand it. It was obnoxiously loud. I love the band and have seen them many times but I will probably not go back unless I know it is not at a zillion decibles. I like loud quality music, but not like that.
I saw Heart at a small venue at a casino a few weeks ago and it was not as loud as described at all. But like any rock concert, ear protection is always advised. And yes, Ann and Nancy were both outstanding. So very cool!
Love them. You know, Ann put out a solo of covers recently that didn't really quite do it for me, however Nancy's "Live at McCabes" (sp) is a pretty nice listen.
I caught part of their show (outdoors) about 4 years ago and was pleasantly surprised how good they still sound. Ann’s voice was the highlight. I was back quite far so the volume was not an issue.

At the same venue, different year, I caught Styx. Like Heart, I feel they sounded better now than when I saw them in their prime years.

It is great to hear/see these 70s bands still going strong. There are many that should have stayed in retirement.