Saturday Afternoon at the Opera, often live, from The Metropolitan Opera

From the Lincoln Center in New York..
Time for a comfortable chair,no phones,perhaps a favorite beverage.
All in favor?
I wish American audiences wouldn't cough so loudly during performances. I have a Jasha Horenstein performance for the Mahler 6th, and you didn't hear one sneeze.
But, yes, I agree.
Is  WQXR broadcasting it in high definition?
I don't know about WQXR. I listen via CBC FM 105.7 way out in the Vancouver area in BC.
I agree about coughing. It seems many modern audience members don't really have a deep appreciation of the experience available from live music with the incredible effort and tension of players trying to make every presentation an "ultimate" performance. I feel if anyone comes who's likely to cough or sneeze they should take medicine,use lozenges and bring heavy muffling in respect to all.
@gdnrbob try any live recording of Mravinsky and repent! Long and cold winters... I stopped attending chamber venues in Kiev, Ukraine, during fall/winter seasons for exactly the same reason: one constantly sneezing/coughing neighbor totally spoils the magic 
I didn't know the Met broadcast from other stations, but it makes sense.
Being a New Yorker, I associate WQXR with the Met opera.
Though one of the reasons I am not a regular listener is the awful sound. Lincoln Center is pretty compromised acoustically in my opinion.
That's why I am wondering if they finally improved upon it.
I haven't been to the Lincoln. I consider myself fortunate to have this quality of live Opera,and the interesting commentary,played over my system, and have never found cause to consider any technical/acoustical quality. Perhaps due to the placements of mikes for the presentation the effect of hall acoustics is significantly diminished?