Satelite/S Video/Stereo Pre-Amp Connection Questio

I need advise as to how to run the following connects:
I have Direct TV box and want to run both S Video and Stereo from the box. The problem is that there are only 2 audio outputs from the box, and I need 2 to accompany the S Video connection to the TV, and 2 audio to run to the stereo pre-amp. I have a Sony Wega with audio outputs, but think the sound would be better if I came directly from the satelite box vs audio outputs from the TV to my stereo pre amp. Thoughts?
Thanks in advance.
I have the SAME set-up. Here`s a CHEAP way to do it.
Buy "Y" RCA chords from say Monster Cable, or even
Radio Shack, and SPLIT the signal. One set of
left and right cables would go to the TV,
the other set of left and right would go to the
stereo pre-amp. These "Y" conector chords go from
$13 at Radio Shack to
$20 at Best Buy for Monster Cables.
DON`T go OUT of the TV to the pre-amp.
The quality of the sound will be BAD.
I don`t understand why you need 2 S-Video outs?
The BEST path for the signal,
is the SHORTEST path.
DON`T send your S-Video to your pre-amp, and then back
to the tv. Your S-Video should ONLY include:
Directv - VCR (or hard disc recorder or DVD recorder)
to TV. Your TV should have red, green blue inputs,
for the DVD player, use those and your set.
Refer to your owners manual for other ways to
connect the system.
I am sorry your satellite system lacks a toslink (fiber optic) output. Most of the more modern boxes do have this.

anyway, the above suggestion is a good one. Also, radioshack had a decent switchbox for not too much money and there is a web site worth looking at that has a really decent switchbox.

I am more of a believer in switchboxes than I am in Y-adaptors.
Get a new satellite receiver! They are fairly cheap on ebay or switch to dishnetwork and get a nice 500 series box with multiple outputs. You should be able to get a 3 room system for anywhere from free to $99.
I had a similar situation awhile back when I had to connect my Hifi VCR (only 1 set of audio outputs) to both my Sony TV and my Pro-Logic receiver at the same time. My wife didn't want to mess with firing up my whole system just to watch her time-shifted TV shows when I wasn't around.

I ended up using "Y" adapters like Isellstuff suggests above to obtain the most direct link from the Hifi VCR to my receiver. This worked very well. The only nitpick with this configuration is you have to remember to turn the TV volume all the way down when listening through your stereo so it's sound won't interfere with your main speakers.

That said, I see no problem with trying to "daisychain" the audio through your Sony TV. Considering the modest quality of the source signal in this case, (non-HDTV satellite box or cablebox), the analog audio signal can be quite compressed relative to the HiFi VHS format or DVD. You may not notice much degradation in sound passing it through your TV's audio In/Out. In my current system, (Samsung SIR-T160 DirectTV HDTV receiver), I notice that audio even on the premium channels (HBO-HD, for example) and the digital music channels over the dish sound at best like a mediocre MP3. "CD quality" it ain't. Same goes for "digital" cable. I believe this is mostly due to the compression of the audio signal at the source.

My receiver lacks digital inputs so I cannot take advantage of the digital output from the box as UncleJeff suggests, which would be a big improvement on digital TV and HDTV broadcasts because they use the Dolby Digital format. You still won't get the improvement on NTSC broadcasts, though.