is super high speed internet available w/satelite?

Hey all,
As of now I am running TW Cable mainly because if financial reasons I use Vonage for my phone but I would like improove picture and sound (Sony Wega HD) BUT Vonage requires a very fast internet connection wich with Road Runner it is $39.95 per can Satelite provide me with a fast enough connection within that price range?
I do not have or want a land phone line, one last thing are INHD and HDNET only available on cable, at one time I thought that was the case...thanks for any info.
Satellite internet service is slower and more expensive than a cable modem.
other than during severe storms, i found it to be as reliable and fast as a land line.
Jaybo, what is the monthly cost of your satellite service?
What is the supported speed? How do you handle uploads and what is your speed?
Don't get satellite Internet service unless it's your only option, only dial-up is worse (I had Starband's best service for 3 years.) As stated you'll also pay more.
"Speed" on an Internet connection is measured in various ways, including "bandwidth", "latency," and "jitter". Voice is particularly sensitive to these last two -- and unfortunately satellite connections do poorly on latency. So they are not a good choice for voice use.

- Eric