Sansui 2000A Vintage receiver question

Just bought this receiver and sounds great !
I would like to know when I turn this receiver on , is it supposed to have a relay click ?
It does not click as my other receivers have.
Thoughts please
No relay click.  I think that was first present on the 8089-9090 series which I own.

My Sansui 551,771, 2000x, 3300, AU-999, AU-717 do not have a relay delay.  My CA-2000 preamp does, along with the already mentioned 9090DB.

If your 2000A has preamp outs, it will make a great preamp/tuner when more power is needed.

I have a 1000A and a 2000A. Both have no turn-on relays. They do have pre in-out jacks, making them quite versatile!
I don't know if this will help, but my first piece of stereo gear back in the 70's was a Sansui 3000A receiver. It would blow the fuse about every other time it was turned on. As I began to upgrade, I passed it to my dad. He contacted Sansui and they told him that they had developed a fix for that phenomenon which they sent to him at no charge. You might contact Sansui and ask whatever question you have. I have found that manufacturers can be surprisingly helpful.
My first piece was a Sansui 3000A also. I loved that receiver. It had a protection circuit that used to come on frequently and I couldn’t figure out why. I was just a kid. It came with a schematic and I had no clue what everything was but I found the protection circuit, looked in the receiver and tweaked a variable resistor, if memory serves me right. I didn’t want to mess things up so I made sure I didn’t tweak it very much. This was around 45 years ago. But that small tweak I made to that coil was enough to make the protection circuit quit coming on. Happy days again!