Salk SongTower vs PMC Fb-1+


Due to space issues I was looking at slim floorstanders (not too deep or wide) that had reasonably deep bass - which has me thinking about transmission-line designs.

As well, my new amplifier seems to be a bit more aggressive on the lows and highs than my old one, so a speaker that has a good mid-range would be a big plus.

The two main contenders in my price range would be Salk SongTowers (either with a dome tweeter or ribbon) or used PMC Fb-1+ (new FB-1i would be nice but pushing out of my price range).

My listening priority is a sense of spaciousness .. and I'm willing to sacrifice pin-point accuracy for that.

I realize my chances of somebody having heard both of these are slim, but thought I would ask - so fire away for those that have an informed opinion.

the castle harlech/may audio...selling out at around 1100 bucks, and would best many under 5k