Can anyone rate the salk songtower qwt speakers?

I am considering the salk songtower qwt's for my system.I have a wyred4sound sti-500. The room size is about 16x 18 with an open corner. I like all different kinds of music and like it to sound as if the band was setup here.I like it somewhat loud,but not colored (natural sound) Right now I have some old m&k satellite s-1b's with a m&k mx 70 sub,and it sounds good.My budget is aroud 2500.Any thoughts
would be greatly appreciated
Had mine for @ 3 weeks now and they sound amazing. I got them with the sonic caps bypass option. They put a smile on my face from day one that has not left me yet...

Very balanced, very extended, very dynamic, easy to place (reason I bought them I have a smallish difficult room), very nice imaging, neutral, DETAILED, one of the best I have owned and I have owned over 20 pairs in over 20 years...

They don't have a bloted mid bass which many like, they are more of the accurate type, very fast. Best guitar sound in my system so far.

Most of all, just FUN to listen to for hours on end. I drive mine with a McCormack DNA 0.5 Deluxe.

Plus they look Georgous!!!!

Thanks for the imput Bokfudo, I thought about the sonicaps upgrade and also the ribbon tweeters ,but there goes the budget! Also is it true that the grill covers are attached
by magnets? Glad you like them. They are quite handsome!
I asked Jim about the ribbon tweeters, he said it would be worth while if you like classical only, where you can say hear a long decay with a triangle etc...

But for all sorts of music, the std tweeter is plenty good.

I don't use the grills but yes I they attach with magnets. For the money they are a bargain in my opinion (no dealer mark up!) especially considering the finish.