Integrated amp suggestions for Salk SongTowers?

I recently purchased a pair of used black satin Salk Songtowers which are supposed to arrive tomorrow. In the meantime I have been enjoying perusing hi-fi forums and learning more about the synergy of components. I'm basically starting from scratch building a new system; the Songtowers were my first purchase, and right now I will be temporarily paring them to an old Yamaha RX-V690 A/V receiver to power them with. It is rated at 80w/ch RMS at 8 ohms and 85w/ch at 6 ohms. I will most likely purchase an integrated amp. I would love to get into a tube/solid state hybrid, but am open to feedback and suggestions. My budget for an integrated will be around $1000, so I am planning on buying something used. Can any of you who have experience with SongTowers offer some suggestions for integrated amps in my budget that would complement them well? FWIW I am looking for a 'warmer' and 'richer' complement as opposed to a sound more edgy or brash.
my first amp with with SongTowers was a used ~$450 Jolida JD202A. with a set of upgraded tubes the sound was very very good and the 35w was plenty for me.