Sahuaro Plateau vs. Ensemble Megaflux

I've shortened my speaker cable choices to these two brands. Has anyone had experience with both? I've checked the threads but have not found any comparisons. What am I sonicly looking for? Realism without extra detail leading to brightness. Thanks
Why don`t you try SONORAN PLATEAU. read the threads SONORAN
Actually, the Sahuaro Audio Slipstream and Sublime speaker cables have handily outperformed the Ensemble in a variety of systems....greater clarity, soundstaging, bass foundation, etc. etc. Great taste, no brightness. :--) I have no direct experience with the Sonoran cables, but they do enjoy a very good reputation.

As a proper disclosure, I am a Sahuaro representative and dealer for 6+ years.
I have not heard the Sonoran or Sahuaro but replaced all my Transparent Reference and Ultra XL cabling with Ensemble a couple of years ago. The speaker cables sounded better than Transparent on my two systems, for a lot less money, so I sold the Transparent and stopped shopping around and comparing cables. If you can find the Ensemble used, you can try them and then just resell them if you don't like them. Used, I paid $600 for an 8-ft pair.
Guess what? I actually meant Sonoran Cables instead of Sahuaro. I guess it's because I went to Arizona State University years ago that I made the mental error. I do mean Sonoran Plateau vs. Ensemble Megaflux speaker cables. Thanks
Richardmr,Sonoran also have a 30days return policy.Sonoran
cable really brought the sonic and sound together in my system.
I use the Sonoran Plateaus for my speakers, as well as two of their power cords. Love everthing about them. They have a 30 day moneyback return policy. Can't beat that with a stick. Don't like, send 'em back. You'll keep them. peace, warren