Sahuaro cables, what can you tell us about them?

If you have used any of the Sahuaro cables in your system, I would like to hear the details and comparisons with other brands. I am definitely intrigued with their concept, of lowering resonance in the system, it makes sense to me that there would be sonic improvements. Are they a little like Bybee filters?
Lak is listening to a set. Ask him. Maybe I'll get a chance and go to his house this week.
There are no Bybee filters used at all, nor do the Sahuaro cables act like them, or any kind of filter. What the designs *do* is specifically reduce distortion products and unwanted resonances. The overall result is greater clarity and resolution.

The designs utilize hand-fabricated internal structures that are mathematically-spaced (like frets on a guitar) to control the resonant frequency of the two very heavy-gauge conductors. Resonance issues are further dealt with by some unusual, non-audio materials that provide mechanical damping and spurious noise-rejection, in addition to helping null the electromagnetic field (of the two large conductors). The result is a lowered noise floor together with increased venue information and (perceived) extended frequency response. The designer will not go into more specifics about his designs.

And the standard disclaimer....I have been a Sahuaro Audio dealer since the company's inception, over 6 years ago.
I'm curious how this "resonance-control" process compares to the process used in the Harmonix line of cables.
Alan, do you have any test data that shows a reduction in distortion and unwanted resonances? This sounds like something that should be easily measurable, unlike most of the subjective claims for cables.
How do they sound? How do they compare to others throughout the product line, IC's, PC's, etc? I'm not looking for anyone to reveal any manufacturing secrets, just the music. Sonny