S-Video Cable - is there much difference

I have been looking for excellent s-video cables. It appears to me, that little emphasis is placed on them. How much does the quality matter??? What price range should give me an excellent, not outrageous cable?? Where does law diminishing returns hit s-vid. cable. Appreciate Specific recommendations and comparisons. Thanks. I'm stumped and will have to order "blindly", so help is appreciated. PS (tired of Monster breaking...)
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Forget S video. Regardless of all of the hoopla surrounding it, it is nothing special. It is simply two small pieces of shielded cable within one jacket. If you've got it, try using the individual component level outputs. These have three individual cables, one for each individual color gun. Each signal remains independent of the other and should offer less smearing or blending of colors. The use of a good coaxial cable with decent RCA's is all you need. Sean >
There is a difference between very cheap cables and some of the better one. But really once you get past 30.00 the cables really are not that different. I have tried a few. I did seem difference between the cheap radio shack stuff and the Lat International which cost me 30.00. Try Lat money back qurantee and I think if you spend anymore on an s-video cable you are likely wasting your money. Component is certainly better but not that much.
I recently switched my system around and had to go from a 1 metre S-Video cable to a 7 metre run, which is supposed to be very bad. I was using Monster M1000V, which, at the time was the top of the line Monster, and ended up going to the base Tributaries model. I figured I'd be in for a big letdown, but actually felt the budget tributaries (at 7 metres no less) to be better than the Monster, which for the same length would have been about 4 or 5 times the price. In comparision, the Tributaries had richer, better saturated color and much better definition-the Monster seemed to be "dark" and somewhat poorly defined in comparison. From the little research I did, it seemed to me that Tributaries, although relatively unknown, has an outstanding reputation for their video cables. I also purchased a $30 set of their basic component video cables as a gift for a friend with a Toshiba HD set and was really impressed with the quality of those. I think you can buy the Tributaries basic S-Vid at around $30 for a metre and their top of the line for around $50 or $60. I wouldn't spend any more.
I would also second the Tributaries cable, I own some of those as well. Great value as well.
I hope you guys are wrong. I just ordered the Monster s-vhs 2000. It will be here Fri. or there abouts. I'll post,with "my" version of the truth. Happy New Year;all.
Well we know that after spending that "big" cash, you are going to be forced to say that it is vasssssstly superior! Happy New Year!
Yo,Bulldogger, nope that ain't me. Don't have that kind of"pretentiouness". I have an older Pioneer Elite;the pro119.I have no component in. So my 2 main sources: dvd& sat require s-vhs. I have spent $$ trying to improve my picture. Some of the money spent with little improvement include Theta's $500 mod to my Sony reciever&the Crystal Vision box.Besides calibration,the biggest improvement has been the Chang Lightspeed 10000.Not sure how the 9600,or 9900 work,or ANY of the other brands of power conditioners work.A large rear proj.needs all the help it can get.The $$ spent for this cable may not = the hype in the mfg's press--We'll see,but you won't get-"blows away" this and that, unless it deserves it.Been here long enough to see how some folk get carried away.-Me, I specialize in "down-home" honesty,and a little fun when I can.ACQUISITION of this cable will ans this thread's question in my mind,and I will post an honest reply, (maybe saving someone the expense )like I always do.
Have to admit George, I've been impressed in the past by your lack of pretentiousness-you seem to be a no BS kind of guy and I like that. What S-Video cables are you using currently? Can you return the Monster if they don't work out? I honestly think you'd be pretty impressed with the Tributaries. If you want, e-mail me and I'll give you the name of a guy-an Audiogon guy-that deals in all kinds of cables and who has excellent prices and great service. Happy New Year!
A clarification in my original post. I recently bought Monster svhs 2000 for one (the "good one") of my two systems. Noticable improvement in this cable over MIT I had. I have had problems with several Monster's in terms of connectors breaking asn connections loosening. I then started think od replacing S-Vid in bedroom system and wondering where "law of diminishing returns" kicks in. Furniture prevents easy swapping of the monsters into this system, so just looking for your thoughts. So, not to worry if you got the M2000. Wally, who sells as underwoodwally, sells them here and he get my highest recommendation and backs his product.
PS my problems were with less expensive Monster products. NO PROBLEM with 2000
so far, my biggest problem with s-video is the connectors don't seem to stay tight. Have used low end audioquest, mit, and now mid price better cables.com. No major difference that I can see. Prices ranged from $20 used to $45 new/m.
You answered a question about the Chang lightspeed. Just joking about the cable. Let me know if you in fact see a difference and I will try one. Underwally is giving some great deals on that cable and I do not think I could lose if I bought one.
Hey, got my monster 2000. Yea,who cares. Don't read this if you don't care. It is quite a cable! First: I have Pioneer Elite DV-09. It has 2 s outlets,so you can hook 2 cables out; to different inputs on the tv. (same video settings)The first thing to catch you eye on still frame comparisons is the RED.Next is the white and then the blue, along with more brightness.No improvement in shadow detail.Dark seems equally dark,or the dark places within a picture.No down side I can see. Everybody knows some channels look beter than others.This holds true for cable or sat. reception. The added resolution is absolutely worth the price.I keep changing channels,and getting excited looking for scenes with stand-out colors,but eventually you notice everything has a much smoother "dvd" look.To repeat, my set has been calibrated,so what you get is REAL.Years back I had these MIT Lincs.When I had my set calibrated,I had to quit using them/they are junk.My old s vhs cables are/were: monster1000,Camelot's Sir Kay,+ Ultra Linc,all 4 mts.Sort of like your first really good power cord,only this is for the tv,-- exciting.Now this may be so only because of what the Chang is also doing.Wish somebody who owns this cable would post so I don't sound like an informercial. There may be better s cables than these.I haven't tried anything but the ones listed, Maybe I need to get out more often?
George- my experince was good also, glad to hear not just wishful thinking. I decided to try Sonic Horizons by HCMaudio, just for something difference and Wally was out of 2M. I'll let everyone know impressions. Hope this thread lives a while! Ed (original post)
Got my sonic horizons S-Video from HCM hooked up today. I can't A/B with Monster 2000 cable, but they are excellent cables. The Horizon is top shelf and the daybreak is great for price (about $60). So, my opinion, yes, does make a difference. Both sonic horizons and Monster 2000 are excellent and I'm glad I replaced my mid range (500) Monsters and MITs with these. As my wife says - more 3-D now. I think both Wally and Harry are of high integretity. Thanks for everyones feedback and help. Valuable as always.
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Hey, guys, this is a great discussion. I just entered and was looking around for exactly that: your discussion of the Monster M2000. Shaqspack, could you let me know, where I can find info re your Sonic horizons s-video cable (price, source etc.). By the way, would you and George consider to work together for a A/B test ? That would be very interesting. By the way: has anyone looked at Audioquest and XLO s-video products?
Rogerwalk- I have the low end AQ s video and its no big deal. Not noticable better than low end MIT or even mid price Monster. Also, its a bit stiff, which can be a problem in terms of the keeping a good connection, depending on the geometry of your set up. I bought mine at used for about $25 and at that price its a good value, but nothing to write home about, picture quality wise.
Roger: Have both sonic horizons and Monster 2000 now. Love both. HCMaudio makes/ sells these. www.hcmaudio.com Tell 'em hi. Took them a while. Someday soon, I'll A/B them with test patterns on same set up. I forgot. My Pioneer DVD-05 has dual outputs so other than geeting the cables out of the armoire, should be fun. I did recalibrate my 32" panasonic (their almost flat CRT) after the sonic horizons. Clearly better than anything I had used on it before , MIT, Monster 500ish line (which bettered MIT). It was first time I could actually calibrate TV accurately. Let you know when I A/B. I am glad I spent the extra $$.
Shaqspack, I can't wait to hear the A/B results. Which of the 3 sonic horizons are you using (Hurricane, Daybreak, or Sunrise)? Another question: are you using the same type of S-video cable for both connecting the DVD player with the processor and the processor with the TV ? By the way: I am currently using Unique HA284, an S-video cable that was popular in Hong Kong when I lived there. I have no idea how this fits into the quality range. I will buy one of the 2 you recommend and then test it against what I have. Will let you know, of course. Thanks for the great info above. Roger
Roger: Have Hurricane between DVD and Receiver and to TV. Daybreak DSS to Receiver. System 2 is Wireworld Silver S DVD to pre- and Monster to TV. Problem on A/B may be that it will be tough to trade out the switching to TV run. My gut level advice is either would be excellent. For build quality alone I would go Hurricane.
I bought Synergistic Research Video Reference (around $100)s-video cables a few months ago. The cable is composed of two individual cables (1 for lu, 1 for cr), each shielded and then strapped together, with gold connectors. I feel that the color saturation and detail is the best my Pioneer Elite proj tv has ever looked. I replaced a couple monster 2000 cables and 1 AQ premium cable.
The sonic horizon website says that the audio quest model s-4 is better than there best but three times the price. so does anyone no where i can by an audioquest s-4 used?
Mg123,thanks fer' the tip. Gonna try on some of 'dem Syn. RE.'s cables soon. Music Direct / Best price???
For the Syn Research cables, Contact Bill Bryan at: [email protected]p.com

or Stewart at: [email protected]