RS5s - upper or lower connections?

Just bought a new set of RS5s. So far quite happy w/ the sound. But I'm curious: there are 2 inputs on each speaker (with a bridge), for bi-amping. I'm not bi-amping at this point, so I wonder which input to use, the upper or the lower. The manual says either is fine, and perhaps it makes no difference. But some say it does make a difference, and some even say you could connect one wire to the upper and one to the lower input. What do people think?

Thanks in advance.
If the manual states no difference then it does not matter. Some speakers, like mine, the crossover is designed so that the signal should come in through the lower inputs. It depends on the design of the speaker and the crossover. So if your manual says it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter.
Plug 'em in and enjoy!

That extra set of binding posts is for bi-amping or bi-wiring.

I've never heard of connecting one to the upper and one to the lower though. That's interesting. You hang around long enough you will hear just about everything. :)
Either set of speaker binding posts is fine. Hook up your cables to whichever set is easier to reach and connect. Just be sure that you use the same binding posts on each speaker ! Congratulations on your new speakers. Cue up your music and enjoy !
I'd say the upper set of binding posts. (For the tweeter) Whether you will hear a difference, I don't know. I guess it depends on how long you've been an "audiophile." :)
I have the RS5 and love them!!!!
I have them bi-wired with canare 4s11 and they really are nice. What I would do on yours though, if you are not going with a bi-wire arrangement, is replace the little metallic bars with 12 gauge wires. You can't go wrong with better conductivity, even though the path is short.
I know I'm late to this thread. But according to the Audioquest website (, if you are using a single set of cables on a biwirable speaker, if you have a 2-way speaker, connect the red cable to the treble and the black cable to the bass. With three-way speakers, connect both to the treble. Given that Audioquest is in the business of selling as much cable as possible, they have nothing to gain by giving this advice. The rest of the article is their white paper on "Understanding "Biwiring". An interesting read. Good luck.