PS AUDIO bhk pre-amp vs upper level reference pre-amps?

I’m looking for some feedback from people who have replaced their more costly reference pre-amps with a PS audio bhk or have heard it up against such units.
Im currently using an Audio Research ref 6 between a PS audio direct stream memory player and dac with the the bhk 300 mono amps. Would the synergy with a bhk pre in my system be worth replacing my pre?
The BHK preamp is a Stereophile Class A rated preamp. It’s a superb unit and I love it. I’ve owned the Ref 6 but could never warm up to it. I always felt the treble on the Ref 6 was a little aggressive and not as smooth as I felt it should sound. The synergy with the rest of your system should be wonderful and I personally would swap out preamps. 

The BHK is an absolutely great preamp for not a lot of money. Bascom King with Paul McGowan and everyone at PS Audio do an awesome job.
I had the BHK preamp and only replaced it when I could afford an Allnic L7000 preamp. Despite the large difference in price, the BHK came quite close to the Allnic's performance. They were hooked to BHK 300 monos. Definitely give the BHK pre a listen.