Rotel seperates to Anthem integrated 225?

Hi Would there be any reason soundwise to move from a Rotel RC 1070 and RB 990 to an Anthem integrated 225?? Thanks
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The only way to know for sure is to demo the gear that you're interested in. Otherwise, its a coin toss.
Yes. If you seek more power and more current, then the 225
is right for you. It drives Thiel loudspeakers (my ref) w/ authority! Actually, it is a very fine integrated amp.
Most important of all, do not forget Cabling!
Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
It is potentially much better, certainly worth a listen if one is available.
sounds like change for the sake of change
I have read many posts from owners that claim the Anthem 225 is a "paper lion"! I have not heard the unit but this raises a huge red flag. If you need a lot of power/current look into a Valve Audio Predator(my amp) far from perfect but better then Rotel.
I actually asked this question around a year ago. The Anthem amp is generally considered to be more "tube-like" than the Rotel. As someone who has owned Rotel, I don't think anyone would ever mistake Rotel amps for sounding like tubes.