Rotel 1066 and B&K ref.30 anf Anthem

Am trying to naildown which of these Pre-Amps might be better or more advanced than the other!

Any opinions would be helpful.Either would be suitable in my system as far as synergy is concerned I believe.Anthem is the only I might have reservations about as far as synergy. Amps are B&K!
both good choices I also am reserved about the Anthem. Have you thought about the Classe SSP30?
I think the Classe would be out of my range,but I will look into it!
I would ideally like to have a Tube Pre-Amp for 2-channel Playback and Bypass the Processor until I use it for Movies and TV!That is what my aim is!

I just read the Ref30 might have a switching problem.The Rotel is real new and I do not know what the upgrading options are?
If you like tube you may want to look at the Theater Grand III, it's supposed to have "tube-like" play back.
I have a Ref 30 and have been very pleased with it. To me its best feature is that it senses signal presence and changes output accordingly. For example. I use my DVD/CD player for both movie (7-channel) and music (2-channel). It is connected by a single digital coax cable. It automatically switches off the surround channels when a CD is played and goes back when a DVD is played. Simple.

The room correction circuitry is also very nice and with the help of a SPL meter, can really tame a room's resonances.

Of course the unit sounds good too or all of this would be unimportant.

I think the switching problem others have mentioned is not a problem, the unit just "clicks" when it turns on and shuts off channels.

My only complaint is that B&K has been slow to roll-out software upgrades like Pro Logic II. They claim it will not be long but no date has been set.