Room size

I currently have Sasha DAWs on order.  I also may be moving and room size is becoming an issue.  If I had a 14x14 room is that too small?  How far from the wall should they be?  Thinking they may just be too big, maybe switch out to Sabrina’s?  All thoughts, pics of rooms, etc greatly appreciated.
A room with the exact same width and depth is a hard room to start with. Sometimes you just have to work with what you have though. You’re going to want to spend the money and work on room treatments. Contact Vicoustic for help.
Definitely work on your room.My room is 16x17.My former little bookshelf speakers + sub didn't overload the room,but my new speakers did until I invested in GIK Acoustic panels.I've been procrastinating posting pics on my system page but will try to get some up tomorrow.What had the biggest immediate effect was using 8" thick panels in the corners behind the speakers and one more panel centered on that same wall.They need to be hung as close to the ceiling as possilble.You can make them yourself inexpensively.
When the bass is under control and the first reflections,everything is sounding great now that the sound waves aren't ricocheting around as much.
Pictures of my acoustic treatments and a long explanation (in comments) about what worked best are on my system page now if you're interested.Good luck with your new speaker decision!
Room treatment. My dedicated room is also roughly 14x14. It was a wreck before treatment. I'm using products from Primacoustic and am very happy now.