RIP: Paul W. Klipsch

Paul W. Klipsch, one of the true founding fathers of high fidelity sound reproduction, passed away today in Arkansas.
Truly one of the giants of the golden age...sorry to hear that sad news.
Pual may your soul rest in peace
2002 doesn't look like a good year for the "Giants" of audio history. First Henry Kloss and now Paul Klipsch. Both will be missed and fondly remembered by many people. I know that i've owned and enjoyed products from both of these geniuses. Hopefully, their families and friends are taking it well. May God Bless us All and comfort those that need it most.... Sean
I've always regarded Paul as such a genius in his own right, yet the guy was such a down-to-earth human good-ole' boy. When you talk with him in person / face to face, he's not the least bit arrogant or above-board, he typically acted pretty much like any one of us. When I first met him I didn't feel at all intimidated, although I really didn't know much about this hobby, especially at that level.
It was my first audition of PWK's legendary k-horn speaker that so strongly attracted me into the audiophile lifestyle - thank heavens for Mr. Klipsch & all of his primal contributions along the way.
From the creator of the longest continually-produced
speaker models in the world. I'm proud to be listening to
1963 technology (La Scala) in 2002. And I'll be proud
in another twenty years, too. RIP and thanks...
I sold Klipsch speakers from 1980 to 1986. Always liked the original "Hersey" speaker, especially the excellent cabinet workmanship. My best memory of Klipsch speakers was wandering into a dealership in Berkeley, California who had his showroom in a former large garage. A pair of Cornwalls, playing a Beethoven symphony, were separated by at least 12 feet. They were driven by a pair of Macintosh 240 amps, and a Mac C-28 pre-amp; the source was a Thorens 125ab turntable with a Shure arm a Microacoustics 2002e cartridge. It sounded like heaven, with a natural presence and tonal balance to the sound that seemed as close to real music as can be attained.... Well, maybe it was just my memory, or just being young and free and in Berkeley under the warm California sun, but I will never forget the time, the place and the heavenly music made by those Klipsch's speakers which brought it all together for that wonderful moment. Thanks, Mr K for enriching my generation with your fine speakers