Klipsch Forte new crossover help

Klipsch Forte help


So a month or so ago I purchased a nice pair of 1987 Forte's. Even though I felt they sounded great, after reading up on them here and on the Klipsch forums, I decided to purchase new crossovers built by Bob Crites, who I'm sure many of you Klipsch affectionados have knowledge of.

Yesterday I received them, and proceeded to hook them up. Unfortunately, I get no sound from either the squawker or tweeter. Myself and my wife spent several hours trying to figure out where the problem was, to no avail.

These crossovers really couldn't be more straightforward to connect. Bob had set it up for me so that all I had to do was connect wires from the terminal cup to input connections on the crossover's terminal strip, and then connect the driver wires as marked to the respective drivers. Easy.
But nothing. I thought the connections might be a little loose, but I tightened them down and still nothing. I thought maybe Bob had mislabled(although I knew that to be a long shot) and switched wires between the 2 drivers, and still nothing. I even removed one of the tweeters to see if the connection to it was somehow damaged when I disconnected the old wires but it looked very sturdy.

Is it possible that both drivers in both speakers somehow became damaged or blown? It seems unlikely to me, but I'm grasping at straws here.
At one point my wife was able to get some sound from both drivers by jiggling the wires, but that was short lived.

I have been back and forth with Bob, and he's as stumped as I am. I've posted this on the Klipsch forum, but nobody has repsonded. So I'm looking for any help here before I have to lug them to a local repair shop this weekend.

Any thoughts, opinions, input is very welcomed.

Sounds like the wiring is mixed up some how.You must have the wiring connected improperly..The chances of both drivers getting blown at the same time is pretty much a stretch.I would bring one speaker with crossover to a local Audio shop and have them take a quick look at it..its probably somethng very simple that a tech can solve in minutes..I would not start trying to fiddle around too much..Then you may do the unthinkable of blowing something up...
I have a pair of Forte's that I bought new in 87 and a few months ago bought new caps from Bob for my crossover so I am not familiar with his crossover board. He may have already told you how to check to see if the diaphragms in the horns are bad. If not check the resistance and it should read 8 ohm, if you get an open reading they are bad. Let me know if I can be of any help.
Thanks for the replies.

I'll be checking resistance tonight. Bob thinks that while unlikely, it's possible things might have got screwed up when I was disconnecting the old crossover. The connections to the squawker, and particulary the tweeter, were very hard to remove, and I had to do a fair amount of pulling to get them off. So it's possible that in internal wire or voice coil might have been damaged in the process. I've never heard of this until now, and wish that I had known of it prior to pulling on stuff, but I guess it's all part of the adventure for some of us.

I have a hunch that these are going to the shop tomorrow for repair, but I guess we'll know for sure tonight.

Thanks again.
Try the old Xovers to eliminate driver or amp. The pulling part sounds worrisome, but aren't the connections to a frame , even so I think it would be pretty unlucky for both speakers to fail in the same way. Good Luck and remember; infusion of cash will have you up and running..... we've all been there. :-(
So it turns out that the drivers are dead, most likely happening when I was trying to disconnect the old wires. Luckily, my repair folks have Klipsch stuff in stock, so it shouldn't be that hard to get 'em up and running again. Lesson learned for me, and hopefully for whomever is reading this and considering a x-over upgrade.

Thanks for all your input.