Efficient speaker: Zu, Tekton, Volti, Klipsch, Fleetwood?

We’re moving and I’m looking for a high-efficiency, high impedance speaker that can fill a very large “great room” with smooth, open, detailed sound, both for serious listening and casual background music. I currently have Devore Super 9s, but those will be going in a separate dedicated listening room. I thought about getting another pair of Devores (maybe the O/93) for the great room because I love this brand, but I’m interested in other possibilities The new speakers will be on either side of a 6-foot TV console, so they’ll need to sound good fairly close to the wall behind them. And they will need to have a reasonably good WAF. They will be played mainly at low-moderate sound levels and our tastes include rock, classical, world music and “spa” type relaxation stuff.

Anyone who is familiar with any of the following candidates, please feel free to sound off. As you can see, price ranges are all over the place:

Zu Soul Supreme

Tekton Lore

Volti Razz

Klipsch Forte IV

Fleetwood Deville



I am also a long time Devore fanboy, having owned nines for 10 yrs, 2 pairs of o/93’s, and now a pair of o/96’s.  I was also a typical audiophile type who did not consider Klipsch to be high end. That all changed when I tried a pair of Cornwall 4’s.  They are truly excellent in every way if you can fit them in.  

LaScala AL5 if they fit your room and budget. CW IV if they don’t.




Three-quarters of my house is one large open space: 45 x 22 x 16 tall. My Zu Def 4s sit at one end up against the 22' wall, are driven by a 300b SET, and fill the entire space with music. Not sure whether the Soul Supremes will do as well, but you should talk to Sean Casey. The only other speaker on your list that I have heard - albeit, not at home - is the Volti Razz. If I ever get tired of my Def 4s and if I do not want to upgrade to the Def 6s, it would be on my short list. 

@ladok Since you mentioned that they'll need to be close to the wall, you should avoid designs with a rear port. That will narrow down your list considerably. 

I'm also a fan of Devores, but not sure that you'll be getting your investment out of them if you have to keep them near the wall. 

One speaker that impressed me made specifically for near-wall placement is the Larsen 9. Big open sound from a modest sized floorstander with a unique design. Who knows if the brand is thriving, though?  



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+1 for Zu, I run Defs 4 in 6000 cub ft/180 cub m space, off medium power 211 tubes, and the space is fully energized, tonally saturated, even at low levels.

Sbank you are correct about the Devores needing to be away from the back wall. I've owned 9s, O/96 and now the Super 9, and they've all sounded best at least 30 inches away from the wall. So I'm not considering them for the new room.

Fiesta75, thanks for your input. If you don’t mind my asking, what in particular don’t you like about the Tekton Lore?

Larsen makes great speakers but they don't belong in this thread; not at all efficient. With that said, Larsen is the only speaker brand I've heard that sounds excellent right against the front wall and doesn't require symmetrical corners like Audio Note and Klipshhorns.

For those that don't mind building an easy kit with ports in the front, look into Pi Speakers. I've built the Four Pi speakers and they are outstanding, especially for the money.

Pi Speakers

Tekton is not in same efficiency class as the others. 


Charney Audio Maesteo Extreme the cost will vary depending on the driver chosen. Listened to it with the Lii 8 and Voxativ 1.6. Amazing sound in a small footprint.



Tekton is not in the same class as the others +1. To me, Tekton sound is not as clear and coherent. A bit fractured.

I have to put a word in for my Altec Valencia's. I just replaced the phono section tubes in my Shindo preamp, and was quite smitten with what I heard last night. Wayne Shorter ETC and Fleetwood Mac S/T Kendun press both so good. I use the Mass Mutter crossover. I love the O's, but I slightly preferred my Altec's with Shindo 300B amps. Of all the above mentioned, I will say the Volti and Klipsch comparison would be very interesting. Forte/Corwall (with room size in mind) or VOLTI. If I were to throw the door open wider, the Charney audio sounds interesting... I have read great things. I have only heard O/96's and Cornwalls. The latter impressed with an Italian hybrid amp, for which their name now escapes me. 

Raven Audio Celest Towers.  A friend has them and they are awesome with his Nighthawk from Raven (20W).

Imaging is crazy. Sound stage is spectacular.


+1 for Zu and the older Klipsch. 
According to stereophile, the Tekton speakers they measured were almost 7db less efficient than the manufacturers specs, so the zu and Klipsch are more efficient and sound more refined than the Tekton.

-10 for Tekton waf 

Just my opinion of course

Oh yes, Altecs are one of my favorites too. Modified JBL Hartsfield, JBL DD550000 or DD67000. Not on his list either, but super nice. Sorry carlsbad, I HAVE listened to the Tektons, ng.

Audiovector R3, even the brochure says high WAF! 

and they are great speakers. 

Omega Loudspeakers.  Wonderful full range speakers that are fantastically efficient.

Zu Soul Supreme 97dB

Tekton Lore 98dB

Volti Razz 97dB

Klipsch Forte 99dB

Fleetwood Deville 94dB

mapman: Tekton is not in same efficiency class as the others. 

Closing in on 20k posts. Maybe time to knuckle down and try and get one right? For a change?

I have the Tekton Lore Reference speakers connected to my vintage system---great speakers and very efficient. I've listened to them with Luxman integrated amps and vintage Denon pre-main amps. Good luck!

+1 on La Scalas or Cornwall IV, depending on budget.  Tekton?  He said WAF was important, so...

fatdaddy2 thanks for the input. Agreed that some of the larger, multi-tweeter Tektons ar downright ugly, but the Lore is within the acceptable WAF range. I'm more concerned about some of the negative comments about the Tekton sound, because the reviews for this speaker are just the opposite.

mapman: Tekton is not in same efficiency class as the others.

I agree and and I think Stereophile agrees too. See Stereophile reviews below: Tekton impact and Enzo XL monitor, sensitivity and impedance measurements.





The La Scala AL5s are amazing if you have the room. Sensitivity rated at 105db. Pair them with tubes and you will never look back. 

Pure Audio Project open baffle long been of interest to me. Heard some Spatial X3 a bit ago, very nice. I really like Volti line, I use Greg's tractrix horns on my extreme modded Klipschorns, big upgrade from stock exponentials.

@mapman … one prescient word was superfluous…

” Tekton is not in same class as the others.”



I have a pair of Zu Soul Superflys and can vouch for their efficiency as well as their great sound at both high and low sound levels.

I use low powered valve amps, a vintage Luxman SS amp as well as a Peachtree iNova at various times and they all work very well with the Zu's.

Whilst I haven't heard the Klipsch Forte line I can say that the Klipschorns will also suit you but the WAF might be their Achilles Heel.

Good luck!

beauty is in the eye of the beholder as the phrase states: SUBJECTIVE!!!

My system consists of: Tekton DI's upgraded, SVS SB 4000 sub, large room 20x30 very high ceiling ( large shop) Stream and CD's, ROCK and ROLL only ,Audiolab 6000 transport, Benchmark LA-4 Line AMP, Benchmark DAC 3B, Peachtree AMP 500 (waiting arrival of ATI 6002 AMP) Had the Tektons for almost 2 years.     I can't say enough about the sound, Clarity, Dynamic,precision, imaging!!

If you have a chance to audition them, please do so, before you make up your mind. I think you will be quite surprised. Robert TN   

Zu's standard fit and finish are excellent and the company offers almost unlimited customizations - limited only by your or your WAF's imagination.

"-1 to those who bash Tekton without listening to them."......I think by now most of if not all who think Tekton blows have heard them .So enough if that bs,please.


missioncoonery what is it about Tekton that "blows," particularly the Lore? My experience has been just the opposite, most of the people that have heard them give them rave reviews. This type of post is not really helpful.

I recently went to a local dealer to hear the Fleetwood Deville.   It was larger than I was expecting and certainly is a pretty broad and substantial speaker.   I found it to be a very good looking speaker and driven by tubes sounded pretty balanced to me with a easy going but decently detailed and fast presentation.   It was pulled way out into the room so I can't say how it would sound up against the walls, but it does have downward firing ports.   I didn't find it was that exciting/appealing at lower volumes though, but was fun sounding once the volume was moved up.

Although not super sensitive, I also listened to the Fyne F1-8 and that was really nice.   I personally preferred it over the Deville.   It was extremely clean and detailed without being too forward, at least for my tastes.   The imaging was excellent and the midrange in my opinion had a very nice presence with a nice rich full tone, without being too warm or thick sounding.   Bass was pretty good as well for not a real big speaker.   They were also pulled well out into the room.   For the money, I really liked these...

Best of luck with your search.


ddafoe, thanks for the information. My wife thinks the Fleetwood is beautiful, but I haven’t told her how much they cost. I’ve seen them on Youtube videos, they certainly aren’t your tiny min-monitors. They’d be a much easier choice at about half the price. I have considered Fyne speakers, they are made by former long-time Tannoy people. They do look kind of like a cyclops, my wife says they remind her of the one-eyed minion cartoon characters, which was not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Ladok....ask the several who have chimed in on this post why as  they put it "Tekton doesn't belong in the conversation" and I'm taking that as they are the  inferior speaker in the conversation .My point is this.It never fails when the speaker brand gets bashed ,the comeback is enevitable..."doubt you've heard them"...I'm saying most the bashers have ..

i understand the OP desire to “ sample “ beyond Devore which will go in the critical listening room. I have 7 pairs of speakers including Vandersteen, Quad ESL 63, Klipsch ( heavily modified Cornwall ), etc… Sampling is good and can lead to discernment…. I would be inclined to do a couple of things - talk w Devore. talk w Devore dealers who carry other brands also. Don Better in Cleveland comes to mind… ;-) IMO, for WAF nothing beats Daedalus wood cabinets…. automotive paint is another matter…

Enjoy your quest and the music


missioncoonery I went back through this thread. Three of the negative Tekton comments had to do with their efficiency not being as high as advertised, with Stereophile test confirming. As far as I can tell, only two of the negative posters actually listened to a Tekton, but to what extent and under what conditions is unknown. Two other posters actually own a Tekton and love them.

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Don't know what you mean by "fan boy," I have no dog in the hunt, just looking for useful, helpful information.