Revel Ultima Studio 1 vs. Legacy Focus SE.

I have a pr. of Revel Ultima Studio 1. Down the track I would like to look at another set of speakers. How do the Legacy Focus SE compare? What are the major differences in sound signature?

I mainly use "musical" rather than "analytical" equipment which tames the Revels nicely. Tube CD players, turntables, Heap of tube Pre-amps. All my Power Amps are solid state, best being big Class A Mono Blocks.

Need to explain that the Legacy's are Interstate so not easy to audition, hence trying to get some feedback on sound signature, to see if worthwhile going to the time and expense to audition.
I owned a set of Focus (non se) for a year. They're gigantic. I miss them otherwise. Laid back sound. Easy to drive. Easy on the ears. Not bright.

And can pressurize a room (your whole house actually) to nightclub levels. If you're an spl guy, they're delish. 
Have to concur with scott_w here. I have a pair of Legacy Focus and prior to switching to LED bulbs I could shake the filaments in  incandescent light bulbs! Haven't heard your model Revels but did hear the Salon II's, sorry if I offend anyone but I was not impressed especially for the money. The Legacy SE is a wonderful speaker for the money.
Thanks for the replies. Can I ask what size rooms and what amplifiers you used?