Legacy Aeris and amplification.

What is the best amplifier for the Legacy Aeris?
Assuming you are asking about what 2-channel or mono-block options are best for the top-end of AERIS as you will be using the built-in dual ICE amps to drive the bass and sub-bass drivers.  I mention this only because there is a build option that i had on my AERIS with a 10-post custom terminal plate that allowed for the use of up to 6 separate external channels of amplification.  I had the AERIS for 3+ years and had to part with them in December for personal (WAF-related) reasons; I already miss them in many ways. You are very fortunate if you get to have these speakers! Prior to 3+ years with AERIS, I also owned Focus SE; there is some common ground (IMHO) in what sounded good with FocusSE...the list below reflects that.

If you are looking for 2-channels only to drive the top end in a stereo amp or mono-block config, consider the following (there may be more but these are what I had direct experience hearing);

Drove mine with;

- Edge NL12.1 stereo amp (*) (so Edge monos are also a great option)
- Maker Audio NL14 stereo amp (*) (so MA monos are also a great option)
- Esoteric A-02 Stereo Amp (*)  Note: would imagine you could not lose with Esoteric M1 monos or S1 or S2 Stereo amps either...

I heard mine with;

- Emotiva Stereo Amp (XPA-2)
- Emotiva Monoblocks (XPA Monos))

I've heard AERIS, Whisper, V and Focus SE with the following;

- Amps noted above
- CODA 60.0 Monoblocks (*) (and prior model)
- CODA 40.0 Stereo Amp (*)
- CODA 15.5 Stereo Amp
- AVM SA 8.2 Stereo Amp (*)

I know other members who use the following and rave about the combo;

- McIntosh MC1.2KW
- McIntosh MC601s
- McIntosh MC452
- McIntosh MC302
- McIntosh MC275 (Tube, note there are many tube amps that pair well)

*Over the years of owning Focus 20/20, FocusHD, FocusSE and AERIS and evaluating Whisper, Helix and V, I know aLOT of people with McIntosh equipment who swore by the combination of McIntosh and Legacy. Same for several guys with Krell 402s, Krell monos, etc...

Others have heard the following with AERIS and V and rave;

- Ayon Audio various stereo and monoblock amps....
- Raven Audio Spirit Stereo
- Raven Audio Shadow Stereo
- Raven Silhouette, Spirit and Shaman Monoblocks...
- many other SET amp fans believe it or not

If I were to guess based upon what I've heard, the new Bryston 7B and 28B (?) amp offerings would be a good pairing as would Accuphase and the new Classe monos, etc....

Note that you'll see some big stereo and monoblock solid state amps up there at various price points. Same with the upper line tube products. This does NOT mean that AERIS needs an uber-expensive amp(s) to drive it; these are only what I've heard directly or know people who have direct experience with the amp/speaker combos.  

There are alot of other amps out there you'll see driving Legacy Focus SE, Whisper, AERIS, etc....they are very easy loads to drive and pair well with all the amps above and many more.

Send me a in-mail here if you have further questions. I've had the pleasure of having Legacy speakers (many models in both my HT and 2-channel rigs) for over 11 years....glad to help and speak by phone early next week if this will help.
You are a wealth of knowledge and I appreciate the information. I bought my Aeris 18 months ago and I am driving them with AVM MA 3.2S mono amps. My real dilemma is upgrade the amps, or with the Wavelet processor. Any thoughts?
Thanks....those AVMs are fine amps; you cannot go wrong stepping up the 8.2 though. It would be helpful to know what you are looking to achieve in terms of sound changes before you decide upon an amplification direction to take. The Raven's, Esoteric, McIntosh, Ayon and other amps are all fine direction but some guidance from you as to what you are wanting to achieve is needed.

If you are using the XILICA processor (I was for quite some time), trust me when I tell you paying the upgrade to Wavelet and using its RoomEQ will be a very smart 1st-choice.

Can you tell us more about your system,...cables, types of music, what you are looking to improve, etc....? I will be out and about over the weekend; will respond as soon as possible.
I am taking your advice and going with the Wavelet. My dealer has one in stock and he is coming by today for the install. I will update you when I get a break from family and work. Thanks again for taking the time to talk with me.


Anytime! You will really appreciate what the Wavelet can do for RoomEQ; best I've ever heard for that functionality.  I used my Wavelet only for it's RoomEQ, not as a pre-amp; how will you be using it in your system?

A few tips;

- when running RoomEQ analysis, have the mic 4 foot away, aimed right at the middle of the tweeter/super-tweeter module....
- always set the DAC option to Apodizing regardless of how you utilize the unit
- after RoomEQ setup is run make sure the RoomEQ option is then to set 'On'
- Under Presets, always make sure you utilize 'Expand1'; it may seem counter-intuitive but choosing 'Linear' basically defeats the room correction bass if memory serves viz. something I was told by Legacy. Expand1 should be the default in the latest firmware but i always checked it
- I never found it necessary to alter any of the Trims, etc...for my room after RoomEQ analyzed it and computed the proper target function
- I utilized XLR inputs at all times though I've heard the other inputs and was very impressed
- I always utilized 0-trim on the dip switches in the fact; that proved to be best for my SS amp, your mileage will vary but I'd start with 0-trims and go from there....

Questions, let me know via PM or here...


Really sad to hear that you had to sell your speakers due to WAF. All joking aside, I think that there are way to many inconsiderate wives and husbands out there who don't respect the interests of their spouses.

I clearly recall how excited you were when you first got those speakers. In the end, I think that a satisfied partner is more important than the appearance of your living room within reason.  

Thank you Roxy...I could not agree more!
Hello - the Wavelet is connected but I can't seem to connect to bohmer for the control app. Wondering if you had the same problem and what the solution was?

Please check out the manual and follow the instructions to use a browser to get to the URL that allows you to generate a proper wifi-conf.txt file with your WiFi network parameters on it and then write it from a Windows machine to the USB memory stick they provide.  Make sure the Wavelet is fully powered down, put the USB stick in the back USB port and boot up the Wavelet and allow it a few minutes to read what's on the USB stick, configure itself to be on your network and then shut the Wavelet down complete. After that, put the WiPi wireless network USB-based adapter in the back of the Wavelet, boot it up and allow it a minute or so to connect to your wireless network. After that you'll need the serial number off the back of the Wavelet to create a URL to put in your browser with your S/N at the end of the URL. This URL then connects to the Boehmer control app, supplies your S/N to uniquely identify your unit.

This is all explained in the detail in the AERIS section of the PDF version of the manual available for download from Legacy.  

Let me know if this helps...once I got the Wavelet onto my WiFi network, I had no issue.
@zephyr24069 and @tmcdade which pre-amp where you using with Aeris.

Which McIntosh do either of you recommend?. I am consider class D options like ATI AT543NC, Nord. Class A/B like Coda, ATI, Adcom etc. How do Class D perform w.r.t to Class A/B with Aeris?.

I just don't like McIntosh since they don't double the wattage when using 4 Ohm output compared to 8 Ohm. 

Any suggestion and help is appreciated.