revel F50's -- talk me out of buying them

I'm about to purchase a pair of Revel F50's. I have Bryston 7B-ST's, a Rogue 99 preamp and a Meridian 508-24. I listen to just about everything and my room is medium sized (15x20 approx).

Is there another speaker I should buy? I've heard the Revels twice and both times I found them to be very competent and non-fatiguing across the board. Not the last word in excitement during auditions, but I assume that will mean that I won't get tired or annoyed by any quirks.

Before I plunk down the big bucks next week (I know they are not expensive to some of you, but they are to me) I want to see if any of you can talk me out of the purchase. Give it your best.


What do they retail for? I'm assuming you're buying new since the F50 is a brand new model. Hopefully you're getting some sort of discount. If I was to try to talk you out of it, I'd suggest two things - I'd buy used and get more speaker for less money. Second, I'd consider a Dynaudio model as an alternative - you may prefer the higher order crossover of the Revel, but the Dynaudio's first order crossover makes for an interesting compare and contrast. I'd look at the Contour 1.8 MkII's (approx $1800 used) or the Contour 3.0's (approx. $2500-2800 used). The Brystons would drive them nicely (they like the juice), and I consider them to be excellent on a wide range of music genre's. -Kirk
Great speakers, but I would listen to Talon Ravens before you commit. A little less expensive than the Revels. Amazing sound, very fast, gives you a bigger soundstage than the Revels do.
I'd buy some used Dunlavy SC-IV-A speakers. Bass all the way down to 20hz and you could get them for half of the cost of the Revels if you buy used.
Go for the Revel, they are just grrrrreat!
My friend just got the Revel M-20's and they sound great, and he's driving them with a B&K 305 receiver. Very smooth, detailed, and terrific range for a monitor.
But, I just heard the Epos M-12's at Hollywood Sound. I think they were being driven by Rogue pre and amp. Incredible range and presence, very lifelike, and they list for $895. If you're cost conscious, and can find any way to hear them, they're definitely worth considering.
I've listened to the Revel's and I was very impressed at the price point. I definitely prefer them over the Dynaudio's, but I really have not hear a Dynaudio that I personally liked (I have not listened to the Evidence or Temptation)--not that they are bad speakers, I just don't care for them as much. They always seem to sound a bit bloated in the bottom octaves. The other small speaker that I really like is the Red Rose R-3, but it's considerably more expensvie--though I have seen used ones around the new price of the F50.
Oh, that's easy - don't buy them. Seriously, talking you out of purchacing the F50 is like telling someone in an icecream store that rum raisin is superior to rocky road. In other words, it's all a matter of taste and preference. One man's pleasure is another man's poison. One thing is for shure; don't choose your loudspeaker based on the slope of the crossover. I personally have purchased many items from Audiogon, but would never by used speakers. I like Dunlavy speakers, but hey, that's me (I also like chocolate icecream). I find the revels boring, uninvolving and not worth the money. Listen carefully and buy what you have a taste for - cheers!
Please check my review out of these new speakers from Zu We directly compaired the Druids to the Revel Salons on a complete Levinson system. These speakers are amazing! This is a truthful review to the best of my ability. I haven't stopped listening (or smiling) since we did the test. They retail factory direct for $3600 per pair
I was considering the Revel F30 before switching to the Zu Druids.
The revel's tend to be a bit uninvolving IMHO - if you merely found them competent for the price point, I would keep looking. Music should convey emotion - live music does... The f50s are great speakers, and I'm sure you wouldn't find them fatiguing, but the price is significant and there are many other speakers out there that might move you far more...

Personally, I love the "Avalon sound" and find it quite involving and musical. You should give the Arcus a listen if you can find a local dealer, since a used Arcus should be almost identical to F30 in price. Avalon owners (um, and many a-gon users from what I've found thus far) are usually obsessive about their speakers until they upgrade to the next Avalon, so used ones are usually in great shape.

Otherwise, I agree that listening to a full-size speaker comparison and considering used is a also a very good option.

Regardless, you should wind up with a nice combination, but you owe it to yourself to listen before you plunk down the money...

Good luck
I put a review on avsforum a few mths back (username is Michael7272). I found them to be some of the best speakers I have ever heard!! The only thing that I would do to stare you away from them, here on Audigon the Studios can be had for about $7K which might be another option for you.

I think what impressed me was how effortless they played using the Levinson No.383 which at 100WPC is no powerhouse but it showed me the F50's don;t need oodles of power to shine!

Good Luck