Revel 105 vs Nola Boxer

So I hate to ask another "which speaker is better...etc" question but I had the opportunity to bring home a pair of Revel 105's for an in home demo and really enjoyed them.  I haven't really seen or heard anything negative about them but another speaker the dealer told me to look for was the Nola Boxer.  Unfortunately, the nearest Nola dealer is about 7 hours away..Has anyone had experience with either speaker/can speak of any characteristics between the two?  I have a good idea of how the Revels sound so any input on the Nola's would be appreciated.  Thanks!
I have the m106 and love them......I was also interested in the Boxer but I need to audition, especially speakers.    Great speakers that sounded even better as I upgraded components......I was using McCormick pre and amp and went from SS to a C-J Classic 2SE pre and Quicksilver Mid Mono amps with KT 88s and the sound is pretty amazing for a compact system.
I listened to the Nola boxer, briefly. They are excellent. However, I found a slightly fatiguing lower treble on them . They are extremely clear and an overall great performer and would still try to listen to them if possible.  I also listened to a pair of revel towers, don't know the model, and they  sounded dull and lifeless to me.  I wound up going proac they engaged me the most. The same day I listened to vandy quatros and the bass was spectacular, but the too are a little warm and laid back.  The proac brought it all and sounded like a dynamic magnepan.  If I were choosing between the revel and Nola, I'd go Nola.  
My dealer has a pair of Nola Boxer's in High Gloss Black for $799. They were a trade in. Store is Audio Video Therapy in Nashua NH.
Have heard both, and I significantly prefer the Revels.  Just seemed more natural and less fatiguing.  YMMV.
Go with ref 3a mm de capo
I haven't had the pleasure to hear the Revels. I do however own the Nola Boxer 2's. I've had them almost two years. (That's like 20 in audiophile years!) My listening room is small, 9x13. I find them to be a very good speaker. I can listen for hours with no fatigue whatsoever. I think they dig very deep for a stand mount speaker. I also find these to have great mids,and detailed highs,with out being too in your face.  I hope this helps a bit.
I would highly recommend listening to the Focal Aria 906.  Far more open, holographic, and most importantly musical than the Revels.  
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