Reveal Speaker Cables

Anyone ever heard anything about Reveal Speaker Cables. They use a new magnetic technology which is suppose to be pretty good. Has anyone actually listened to them? Thoughts?
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I've tried the HF Reveal IC (RCA and XLR) and SC.  They all carry the same characteristics: focused, high clarity, dynamic, and detailed. 
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I'm experienced with the Reval, High Fidelity Cables, Cerious Technologies Graphene, and Matrix, HiDiamond 8 and DIY Duelund. has a favorable review of the Reveals.
@lak ,

I currently have the HiDiamond 8 SC and they have been the best performing (and most costly) SC I had in my system thus far.  I have recently learned about all the rave on HFC interconnects and I have 2 pairs of their Reveal XLR's being ship to me now.  I considering picking up their MC 5 power conditioner to try out as well.  

Even though I'm rather happy with the HiDiamond SC, if the Reveal SC can match closely to the HiDiamond 8, I would consider swapping just to save a few bucks so I can pay for all the new HFC XLR's I'm picking up.

Even though I've been an audiogoner for awhile now, never figure out how to PM another member.  Would love to learn about your experience between the HFC Reveal and HiDiamond 8 SC.


@geraldedison,  click on my user name, click on my market feedback, click on send message. Thats one way to send a PM.
I currently own an 8' pair of the HiDiamond 8 speaker cables and find them to be very good (they are listed for sale on another site because with a system change in system two I need longer speaker cables). The Reveal speaker cables are good but in my system I would not say they are better. The Reveal speaker cables will be in the ball park and will mate nicely with the Reveal XLR's and in your system you might prefer the Reveal speaker cables if there is good synergy, you never really know until you try it.
Are you referring to the MC-0.5 Wave Guides or the MC-6 Power Distributer?
I think you are referring to the MC-05 Wave Guides, which can and in many cases take a system to a higher magnetic conduction sound that many prefer as long as it doesn't interfere with noise blocking technologies that some power cords and/or power conditioners utilize.