Rethink Explosion Oriented Home Theater 9-11-01

I have often thought that the Home Theatre craze developed from ever increasing detachment from creative thought and vicarious living. Evidence of this includes the trend toward getting a gas guzzling, resource intensive, "sexy" SUV to haul groceries, Mall of America purchases, and a gas guzzling motor boat. This is compared to the person being "sexy" by being in shape via working out on their kyak or enjoying a closer relationship to nature on a hike or sailing, being more aware of your interconnected place with nature and accessing real needs versus created ones. Created needs designed primarily to prop-up an increasingly decreased ego brought about by a look in the mirror after the morning shower and comparing one's self to the corporate promoted illusion of substance is illusion (e.g., shoulder pads in suits projecting the image you are built when in fact the suit is built but you are not or you would not need the shoulder pads in the suit). Where would Home Theatre be if there were no load explosions or guns shotting from right rear channels to front left channels in the software (movies). Have we become so dull as a society that we the only brain stimulus that excites and moves us is a bomb going off beneath our seats? I think the incredibly tragic events on September 11, 2001 helps to focus how detached we have been from the very thing we have seemingly craved in movies explosions, gun fire, rockets, and childish plots. By that reasoning September 11 helped to underscore the detachment we have had from reality. Evidence: Hollywood rethinking releasing such Explosion Oriented Movies (the very thing that helps sell massive subwoofers) as Collaterial Damage starring Arnold S. Music is a clear window to the soul with its wide range of feeling and thought provoking content. I am greatly saddened by the demise of the best of Audiophile Equipment that was designed to transport us to the world of music that is not one dimensional and helps foster a greater appreciation of the diversity of life and ourselves. Music stirs our soul and that is reality. Something we need to ask ourselves before we shell out more dollars for D- movie software and our best Stereo Manufacturers are gone.
One more fact to hammer home my points above: People the world over stated that the Sept 11th events looked like a movie. And people in foreign countries have come to look at Americans as exporters of explosive death and maheim "entertainment" The connection to the home theatre craze seems indisputable and hopefully will bring us back to creative and open minds.
I have always loved music. I came to love great movies. There are very few of them. I guess it's all taste, but I love a movie with a plot. I think Hollywood has sold us short on plot and acting. BUT music has given us the Beatles, Beethoven, Miles Davis, Frank Zappa and I could go on forever. Hey everybody remember what it was like to sit in front of your stereo and feel great about yourself and the world? I do and I miss it. Music is uplifting, the world is violent enough already. I am ready for war and support it. But I think when we can listen, a little peace and music is what we need right now. Let's hope for a better days.