Good Performance/ Value Oriented Balanced IC's

I have a Cambridge Azure 840C player connected to a Krell 400xi. I was using Kimber Silver Streak single ended, but found them too bright. I talked to a Krell tech, who suggested microphone cable, and I obtained a pair for $25. The cable just did not cut it, (low res). I would be interested in learning about balances IC's that some have found outperformed their price. I have a very small budget here of only $300. Suggestions would be most welcomed, please. Thanks!
Try some DNM cables. Shoot me an email I may be able to let you try them.
Another "Gem" for the money is the Q-audio Tao. SUPER IC's
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no brainer...anti-cables by Paul Speltz
At least initially, I would go for the Blue Jeans Cable balanced IC. It is pretty inexpensive, made very well, and they have very quick service. Just to be clear, I now have and have had much more expensive cables. I can tell you that, if they have any effect (difference) at all, the majority of high priced cables really color the sound at best, or even mess with the timing and phasing at worst. And sometimes, they just sound good.

People start with colored components (which is ok, sometimes even preferrable), and then must find cables which allow an overall sound they like. Sometimes, the search never ends. It is just my opinion on these, but I believe the BLue Jeans are good enough to let you hear the system. If it is still bright (or too harsh, or too light, etc.), the issue is likely somewhere else (and it is not the 400xi). Good luck whatever you choose.
I agree with Larryken. I am using A/C balanced and am extremely happy.
IF you can find them, Yamamura 5000 are excellent. Depending upon the length, you could go over budget a bit, but they are very nice cables.
Glenn makes an excellent point. The Silver Streak is a very transparent cable. What you heard was a brightness elsewhere in your system. Now you are hunting for an interconnect that will deaden your highs(act as a tone control). Find some used Audioquest Emeralds, and I'll bet you'll be happy.
The new Morrow Audio MA3 Reference cables are unbelievably good for the money. The balanced cables are at or near your price range depending on your timing and the level of discount offered by the manufacturer at the time.