2016 best new guitar oriented music

As a fan of guitar oriented music, particularly from the 80's, I am always looking for new artists. I am looking forward to 2017 releases from established artists the Feelies and the Dream Syndicate Yesterday I read an interview with Steve Wynn of Dream Syndicate fame. In the article, he listed several of his favorite releases of 2016.Fortunately, I was not familiar with several of them and now have a nice shopping list. I already had:
Drive-By Truckers- American Band
Day of the Dead compilation set
and am familiar with Alejandro Escoverdo. His new album Burn Something... ,produced by Peter Buck, sounds like it is going to be his best release in years.
The new artists for me are:
Ryley Walker- Golden Sings.....
Steve Gunn- Eyes on the Lines
William Tyler- Modern Country
Chris Forsyth and the Solar Hotel Band- Rarity of Experience 
I have listened to several cuts on youtube and have ordered all of them.
Happy New Year and stay thirsty for new music my friends....
A few more great guitar bands are:
Grateful Dead
My Morning Jacket
Widespread Panic
I own all of the official releases for Wilco, the Dead, My Morning Jacket, and Widespread, but no moe (need to check them out). I also have numbers of great bootlegs. I was trying to find some NEW artists along the lines of the artists you listed. Thanks for responding. Hopefully 2017 will be a good year for new music.
Max, as well as "new" music (music recorded recently), let me suggest you look into "new to you" music that wasn't. Many current artists making new music you like do so with the knowledge gained from having absorbed old music which you may not have yourself yet heard. There is a lot more great old music than there is great new music. I still look for great new music, but am often disappointed by what I hear, having been spoiled by the riches of the past. 
bdp24- I could not have said it better. Seriously (-: My feelings exactly. I do have a soft spot for Sara Jarosz, who I plan to see again soon. But for the most part.... Yeah- we were spoiled!
Check out Warren Haynes/ Gov't Mule, if you're looking fro good guitar based bands.... For a taste of Warren,  You Tube this:
gov't mule ft marcus king- can't you see 12/30/16.
I couple great guitarists that are influenced by the past:
Ty Segall
Mac DeMarco
This one's an oldie, but if you've never heard Buffalo Springfield Again (their second LP) you should definitely check it out.  Guitars, guitars, guitars...

Great suggestion Tostado. BS had three guitarists, Richie Furay on rhythm and both Stephen Stills and Neil Young on lead. Neil is not to every guitarists liking, but he sure has his own style!

Another band with three guitarists was Moby Grape, whose first album is absolutely essential listening.

Max, a group you have to hear if you haven't already is The Byrds, who highly influenced many current artists, both guitarists and songwriters. Tom Petty, REM, many, many others. Not just Jim McGuinn's 12-string guitar sound, but the guitarist in a later version of the group, the legendary Clarence White, master Telecaster player. Gram Parsons, who joined The Byrds after David Crosby left, is a songwriter of guitar-type music who cast a very long shadow, influencing a great many who followed him. Gram also made two very influential solo albums, introducing the divine Emmylou Harris to the world. Before he died, he had a huge impact on Keith Richards, introducing him to real country music. Keith wrote a lot of music with a country influence after that.

Some great suggestions. I like the Byrds. I also like the Jayhawks who have a very Byrds' influenced sound. I agree that Buffalo Springfield is often overlooked. Last night I dusted off Rare Earth's "Live", Lou Reed's "Rock and Roll Animal", and Stephen Still's live album for a little electric guitar after reading this post. Unfortunately, the Byrds and Rare Earth aren't going to be issuing any new music anytime soon. I think that if you check out the above referenced new artists, recommended by a musician I respect, you might find something exciting. You may not like them, but it doesn't cost anything to listen to a sample and who knows, they may become your new favorite. The problem with the current subscription based music model is that it is hard to find new music in the same vein as The Byrds, CNSY, Lou Reed, (basically pick your influence or style),etc because of the quantity of the cloud based platform. That's why I reached out to the informed readers on this blog in the first place. I would rather take a chance on a quality music recommendation from an A'gon participant than someone trying to sell me yet another monthly fee based platform based on an algorithm trying to capture my taste.. The best part about communicating with kindred music afficianados from around the globe is learning about great artists you have not been exposed to.

Good stuff Max. Being older, I have migrated away from Rock towards other guitar-based musics, particularly Bluegrass. There are some great acoustic guitarists making music these days, as well as players of other string instruments. Any recording on which dobroist Jerry Douglas plays is fantastic, for instance. A benefit of music made on acoustic instruments is that there is often great harmony singing as well, a passion of mine.

The No Depression website is a great source for current guitar-centric music, where The Jayhawks and similar bands have long been covered.

Love bluegrass as well. The Infamous Stringdusters, Old Crow Medicine Show, Railroad Earth, Yonder Mountain String Band, the Steeldrivers, Chris Thile (Nickle Creek), Sarah Jarosz, and even Steve Martin's bluegrass efforts are all fun. I go through phases which keeps life interesting. I will check out the No Depression site. Thanks. 
For bluesy R&R similar to George (Bad to the Bone) Thorogood, check out: Albert Cummings, Ronnie Earl and Julian Sas. Also, Keb’Mo’, kind of like Robert Johnson.
By the way Max, the name No Depression was "borrowed" from Alt-Country band Uncle Tupelo, who had an album with that title. Uncle Tupelo disbanded in 1994, and leaders Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar formed Wilco and Son Volt respectively.
Steve Gunn "Way Out West"
Noah Gundersen "Carry The Chost"
Mark Kozelick, Red House Painters, Son Kill Moon....
Sara Watkins  (Nickel Creek)

Jeremy Messersmith "Heart Murmurs"

all of my selections should be listened to, regardless of year..

check out Jonathan Wilson's stuff,

trying to think of more.......

Kurt Vile?
Check out Teenage Fanclub.  Not really a new band at all, but timeless nonetheless.  Great songs and their recordings are audiophile grade in most cases.