Resolution audio cd55 vs. Wadia 850

I am considering Wadia 850 vs. Resolution Audio cd55 to run directly off my pass amp. Which do you think would make for a wiser choice?
Not quite the same, but I compared the CD50 to the 860x, and the 860x blows away the CD50
Go with the Wadia. I have owned an 850 and upgraded to the 860X. Have heard the CD55, but not in my own system. IMO...the Wadia's are superior...I can't see you being disapointed with the 850.
I prefer the CD55 to the Wadia 850. In the sound arena, the CD55 surpasses the Wadia and has a superior volume control. By the way, the CD55 sounds better than the CD50. The build quality edge goes to the Wadia (it weighs a ton and has a better remote control). However, the CD55 also is a very high quality piece. Bottom line - for overall sound quality and value for the dollar, you won't beat the Resolution Audio CD55.
I've compared Wadia 850 (which I own) to CD55 in my system. I think both sound very good, but I found the CD55 to be a bit too "analytical" for my tastes. I disagree that the CD55 has a "superior" volume control just because it is of an analogue type. When used correctly (kept at >70), the Wadia digital volume control does not degrade sonics, in theory and in practice. In short, I think the Wadia is just more musical and realistic sounding. Here's one possiblity: Buy a used 850 and have it modified by Great Northern Sound (I had this done); you'll end up with a great CDP rivaling the more expensive Wadia 27ix model.