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Upgrade from Pass Labs XA30.8 to X250.8. Worth it?
Sonus Faber Guarneri Tradition. Very slightly on the warm side and a great match with Pass amps. The x250.8 has a little less midrange lushness than the xa30.8, but to me with my speakers, this makes them sound more true to life. With lean soundin... 
Upgrade from Pass Labs XA30.8 to X250.8. Worth it?
I recently upgraded to the x250.8 from the xa30.8. While the xa30.8 sounded very good overall with a very lush midrange, beautiful highs and great imaging, I found it somewhat lacking in bass. The x250.8 is very close in the midrange (a tad less b... 
Benchmark DAC1 Pre vs. Bel Canto DAC3
I have both units, however, the DAC1 is an older unit without USB. I like them both but the Bel Canto sounds better and would be my choice if I had to keep only one. 
Sonos VS CD Transport
I have been using a Sonos system for about six months. I run the ZP-80 into an external DAC as the internal DAC in the Sonos is mediocre at best. Into a good quality DAC using Apple Lossless, I found the Sonos to be the equal of the Levinson 390S ... 
Any good cdp with digital inputs
The Mark Levinson 390S would work. It has two inputs and an excellent volume control. 
Revox B795 Turntable
I have a B790, had it since the early 70s. It was serviced once about six years ago by the revox rep. located in Barrington Illinois. It sounds decent and the linear tracking helps prevent damage to records. 
Mark Levinson 390S or Resolution Audio Opus 21
I owned both for over a year, the 390S in my primary system and the Opus in a second system. I could not justify keeping two such expensive players so I sold one. I kept the 390S. While the Opus 21 is very good, the 390S is clearly superior in an ... 
Why Linear Tracking never took off?
Sean, how would you rate the players - from most favorite to least? 
Mark Levinson and dual layer SACD
I have no problem playing a SACD/CD disk on my 390S - the CD on the 390S sounds as good or better than the SACD on the Sony 9000 DVD player. 
Levinson 390S v. Res. Audio Opus 21
I currently use both of these players, the Levinson 390S for about a year and the Opus 21 (newer transport) for about five months. They are used in separate systems but I have tried them together in the same system to compare them. Both players fe... 
Levinson 336 or what?
Griswold, I have the same speakers and CD player but am running a 335. Very musical and non digital sounding. I wish I could give you some suggestions but I can't. I've listened to Pass Labs, tried the Plinius, Coda, Bryston and Classe but the 335... 
Does Bryston SP-1 have 6 analog inputs ?
Have it upgraded to SP-1.7 by Bryston. 
Opinions, Classe Omega verse Levinson 333 or 336
I guess that's why they make Fords and Chevys. I've owned both Classe and Mark Levinson and prefer the Mark Levinson. My opinion was not formed after a short audition but over a period of a couple of years. What sometimes, at first appearance, may... 
preamp vs. no-preamp
If you have a player that has an analog volume control you are better off without a preamp. If your player has a digital volume control, a preamp may do a better job. 
Can B&W Seres 80 802 Sound This Good?
I assume you are talking about the original 802 from the early 80's. As good as they sound, the 802 Series III are even better and the 802 Nautilus beats them both. Progress.