Replacing a Sonos Connect with another Streamer - The digital dilemma!

I currently have a Sonos Connect streaming music to a McIntosh D100 Digital Preamp with a McIntosh MC 2105 Power Amp downstream. I have been displeased with the quality of music coming from the Sonos Connect and thought to purchase a Cambridge Azur 851N or another streamer as a replacement.

 Asides from how beautiful the 851N looks,  the good reviews, and It’s interface,  it is also a preamp.  I'm having a hard time coming to terms with the thought of running music through two pre amps (not sure that makes sense). What do you guys recommend?

 I've got $1000 -2000k to spend on this.

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It looks like you could just use a regular set of stereo RCA cables from the "Line Out" of the Cambridge unit to an input on the MA6500.  You could use the "CD1" or "CD2" inputs and be good to go.