Replacement woofer for Green Mouintain Audio Europa

The woofer in one of my Green Mountain Audio Europa speakers has a scraping voice coil. The 6 inch woofer is an Aura NS6-255-4A. Unfortunately both Green Mountain and Aura Sound are no more. Has anyone found a suitable replacement? Thanks


The 6 inch woofer is an Aura NS6-255-4A.

You might look into a reconing service like Midwest speaker

Quite often the parts are available even if the manufacturer has gone out of business.

Sorry didn’t see the unavailable tab there, but also they’ve posted all necessary parameters to match with different speaker of a same fitting/size. Replacing paper cone won't help broken voice coil btw.

i may be wrong but believe Roy used the 4 ohm version of that woofer not the 8 ohm listed on that website.  I actually have a few spare woofers, have to check but I recall Roy had sent me two extra woofers about 10 years ago.  I still have the Callistos so could probably part with one of the woofers.  He also would make a mark on the back of the woofer drivers which would indicate how he matched them either a slash mark on a circle mark I believe.  You can send me a private message and we can discuss and in the meantime I'll check to try and find the spares I know I have them.

Replacing paper cone won't help broken voice coil btw.

A good reconing service can replace the voice coil and use the old cone. Some cones come with the voice coil.

I spoke with Midwest Speaker Repair. They were open to taking a look at the woofer to see if they could repair.  Thanks for the pointer Ralph.  I will still be on the lookout to buy one if I find one.  Otherwise I am stuck with trying to find a woofer with similar characteristics electrically and fits the 5 3/8 baffle cutout