Replace Dynaudio 1.8 w/ AP Virgo or Tempo?

I have the Dynaudio 1.8mkII with Ayre K3x,V5x(coming shortly) and Meridian 508.24 and MIT T2's all around. It's not that I don't enjoy the Dyns or that they are a poor system match, I just feel that the Virgo or Tempo will give me better soundstaging, transparency, and probably a little less mid-bass coloration. Anyone care to comment if this is a worthwhile upgrade. Is it a lateral move? Yes, I probably will be trading off some strengths, weaknesses for others. But the question is whether or not I would get more overall strengths in the trade. Before you go there, I don't think the Avanti's will be within my reach, even used, financially.
I would ditch the MIT cables for something else. I own a pair of Ayre V-3's biamped to a pair of Legacy Audio Focus 20/20's using Discovery Essential speaker cable. This is a very natural sounding (no Hi-Fi glare, excess siblance, etc.) sounding combo. Analysis Plus Oval 8 speaker cables may work well also. I have found MIT cables to sound more "Hi-Fi" and less musically natural with the Ayre gear. I feel you have an excellent front end and amplification match for the Dyns. Try cables first. The ones mentioned above are not terribly expensive, especially the Analysis Plus line.
Keep your Dyn. Audio Physic is very lean, clinical, and emotionless. AP might have slightly deeper bass and slightly more top end extension, but that's it. I have heard the older Virgo (many claim original Virgo is better than current model) and Sonus Faber Electa Amator 1 side by side, I much prefer the EA1 over the Virgo and EA1 uses all Dynaudio drivers. I know it doesn't mean all Dynaudio driver speakers are good sounding, but I have personally own some Dyn speakers (including Confidence 5) and I do think they are wonderful.
Thanks for your responses. I intend to get higher end cables . Now that you say it, it would be foolish of me to change speakers without providing the cables that the rest of the system deserves to have. I am leaning towards Cardas IC and SC, Shunyata PC. Once I get thru finding the right cables, then I will sit down and be critical. And Semi, I agree, the Dyns are wonderful. I have yet to hear anything that has this level of richness and low-level detail, both at the same time. I have not heard the AP's yet, I expect them to be pretty great with that "disappearing act" they are so famous for. We shall see.
Disclaimer to my comments that will follow - I own the Virgo IIIs. I have heard them with several preamps and amps, both solid state and tube. I have heard your Dynaudios but only briefly (I think it was a solid state front end).

The AP speakers will be completely different from your current Dynaudios. I agree with you regarding the richness of the sound....I am in less agreement that low-level detail retrieval is a strength. That is where the APs excel. And yes, they do pull a "disappearing act".

I would disagree with Semi re: the description of the sound being "lean, clinical and emotionless". The Virgo IIIs are as close to neutral as I have heard in their price range....change the accompanying equipment, including cables, and the Virgos will let you know. Also, to my ears, the Virgo IIIs sound better than the IIs. Believe me, I would have rather spent half the price on a pair of used IIs here at Agon vs. buying brand new, which is what I ended up doing.

Given your particular situation, I would try changing other things such as the cabling that has been mentioned. You really do have a very good pair of speakers.
In addition to upgrading your speaker cables, if it is possible to biwire the 1.8, you may also wish to try doing so. I have found that it usually makes some difference, and with some speakers it makes a big difference. But that said, the Tempo III or IIIi is one outstanding speaker that has a fantastic dynamic range for a box speaker. I would have chosen the Maggie 3.6R if I had the room. The Tempo IIIi is a very worthy second place.