Repair Technician for SAE E101

I have 2 SAE E101 units that are in need of repair. One unit is scratchy and one of the channels drops out. On the other, the display works intermittently. I've had the units in for service at a local place that is supposed to be an authorized service center for many brands of electronics. They have not been able to address the problems. The units have been back 4 times. Each time they tell me the problems are fixed.
I have no confidence in this facility in SW Florida any more. Can anyone suggest a technician who is intimately familiar with SAE?
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Hi Michael

Was the SAE E101 a James Bongiorno design? If it was the tech I would go to is Miachael Bettinger.

He restored a SUMO Nine for me some years ago and I have been happy ever since.

Good luck with the search.
Thanks for the information.