CounterPoint SA3000 Repair Technician

Hi All, I am the proud owner of a counterpoint SA3000 pre amp that is in need of repair it has one of the known issue problems (high voltage regulator fail) and it looks like Mike Elliot is no longer servicing them. Do any of you wonderful audiophiles know of a good tech that works on counterpoint equipment, I live in Bend Oregon, any help would be great, Thanks again.
Sorry to All for double posting, I re-posted in the Tech Talk forum also as I felt this was a tech issue. Sorry if I offended anyone, my sincere apologies.
If your in Oregon i would call Stan Warren.
He was the S in PS Audio. He lives in Oregon.
He can fix anything.
I dont have his number anymore.
But i still have his address. He modified a few things for me like 10 years ago.
His address is Supermods, 2375 W. 21 Ave, Eugene, OR 97405.
The high voltage is tube rectified (very robust) then goes to a solid state regulator that uses a 2N3439 (I have seen some units use 2N3440) pass element. That part is known to fail with years of use. May be wise to look at that (silver TO39 package) first, might save you a lot of time.
I may be able to help...Contact me.
Hi Hifigeek1, so how do I contact you? man I hate being the new guy, thanks so much for the help.
My information will/should be posted soon on the Alta Vista Website. I have owned and repaired Counterpoint components for some years now. I recently repiared and upgraded the SA-5000 for two customers. If you need someone to repair the unit, I can do the work but I am in New Jersey. Email at

I have a full service shop in Syracuse, N.Y. we repair CounterPoint.