Wanted: referral to technician.


Can anyone refer me to a technician in NW Ohio or Southern Michigan who is willing and able to repair newer and/or vintage tube amps? I have a Fisher 500c receiver and an Antique Sound Lab integrated amp that both need work. What's wrong with them? They are broken (this should give a sense of my own level of technical expertise). A little more specifically, the Fisher worked until one day it just died. The Antique Sound Lab made a "blowing up" sound with smoke coming from one of the output tubes after I overdrove it (turned the volume up too high with a low efficiency speaker). I would hate to junk them. Thanks for any help you can give. Dan.
There's a guy down in Dayton if that's not too far away for you. Don't know the name off the top of my head, but he's done work for friends of mine. Let me know if Dayton is within range for you and I'll try to get contact information for you.
I took my Classe preamp to Harve's Electronics Inc. in Ann Arbor Michigan some years back for repair. They did an excellent job. The folks at Overture Audio use them when they need repairs, and suggested them to me.
They have a website with phone numbers. Send them an email or call to see if they will work on your items.
www.harves.tv Best of luck in your search.
Harve's doesn't do tube equipment repairs. Try Sights & Sounds, 2055 East Wardlow Road Highland, MI 48356‎ (248) 887-1022. The guy works out of his garage, but does good quality work at very reasonable prices. He fixed up a Fisher Allegro for me about a year ago.