remote turn-on for Bryston 4BST and Proceed PreAmp

I am trying to use remote turn-on feature of the Bryston 4BST and the Proceed Pre amp, but I have trouble of getting them to work together. I plug a minijack (stereo) to the Proceed and the 2 wire ends to te Bryston. Set the Bryston to 0-4 sconds delay. Put the Bryston to the ON mode. Then power on/off the Proceed but the Bryston did not turn on. Try different polarity on the wire ends, same thing. I did notice that when I power the Proceed OFF, the Bryston did power on for less than a second, then OFF it goes. I will not STAY ON

I looked at the Proceed manual and it says that the remote turn on signal is only putting out 8 volts PULSE for only 800 milisecond. Is this the problem? Is the Bryston expecting the signal to stay HIGH (4-12 volts)for ON and LOW (0 volt) for OFF. NO Pulse????? Does this mean that the remote Turn ON and will not work for the Proceed and the Bryston? I thought it suppose to be easy. Please help!!!!!
Contact Bryston. They will get back to you promptly and they know their products better than anyone:
I have a Proceed PAV\PDSD, and use the remote feature to turn on my sourround sound amp. You need to use a mono mini jack. A stereo jack will not work. Also, you may need a steady current (not pulse), to keep the amp on. My PAV\PDSD allows me to switch from pulse to steady current through the menu interface. Not sure about the Proceed Pre, but check your manual...

Good luck.
Just talked to Proceed Tech support and found out that the Proceed Pre will put out 8 V pulse only. The Bryston needs constant 4-12 volts. Proceed will send me a new EEPROM for the Proceed to change it to constant 8 V line (all for 9 dollars). Yippee!!!

Thanks for all your help!